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  • TLS 1.2 Support

    • Complete
    Recent PANS notification indicates support available for TLS 1.0, however, Standards groups such as PCI Security Council are already introducing versions (PA-DSS 3.1) which eliminate TLS 1.0 as an acceptable cryptography method. First Data, for example...
  • Provide SCHEMA-MARSHAL attribute on dataset

    Hi, Currently, when you want to change the SCHEMA-MARSHAL settings of all temp-tables in a dataset, you have to set each individual temp-table's SCHEMA-MARSHAL attribute. You could write a routine that iterates all temp-tables of the dataset, and...
  • Allow Port Scanning

    I have a client that runs Port scanning, And the appservers fail because of this, and provide this error PROGRESS Appserver network protocol mismatch (5565) and after checking the knowledgebase, it is a known issue with port scanning. I created a...
  • add user hook to cda and auditing data trail

    • Under Review
    Auditing does not track .p programs, etc. which reduces it's utility for tracking what program made the data change. A rub-time hook to a program trigger which can supply user data to CDA and auditing would solve this shortcoming.
  • Ability to differentiate between Check syntax and Save/Compile in oeide_event after...

    • Under Review
    If one checks syntax in Developer Studio for OE the after-compile trigger fires just like with a save/compile. However, the input filename is that of the file that has been opened in the editor, not the temporary file that is used by the ABL Runtime to...
  • Add startup parameter to ignore registry settings

    • Under Review
    There should be a startup parameter (for the clients and the database broker...) that tells to runtime to ignore all registry settings and just use the settings from the set pf and ini files The background of this is that is is a huge pain to install...
  • CHUI dynamic browses

    • Under Review
    I'm surprised this isn't in here, but true dynamic browses would be really wonderful I don't think I need to justify this-we use chui, and we would like to see the same basic functionality in chui as we see in gui. Being able to build browses...
  • PDSOE - MES template

    Every time I start a new workspace in PDSOE, I first adapt the MES macro template. By default it is defined as: MESSAGE ${cursor} VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX. I always change it to: MESSAGE ${cursor} VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX INFORMATION. I know each user...
  • "Extract interface" functionality in PDSOE

    It would be very useful to have an "Extract interface" functionality in the PDSOE Source context menu.
  • Have ability to extend existing client logging messages

    This has come up in a number of support cases, thought it'd be worth posting here: We would like to use the loglevel and logentrytype as supported by progress/OE, but we were wondering if extra information could be added to this line somehow....