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  • Automatically add USING statement in a class when using code completion for a Class...

    When writing for instance next Constructor, the OpenEdge eclipse plugin will search for the UltraToolbarsManager (when using Ctrl-Space) and your Ctor will look like: CONSTRUCTOR PUBLIC RibbonCustomizationDialog(ultraToolbarsManager AS Infragistics...
  • Add a parameter to PDS to stop compile at first error

    Compiling a program with an error takes a long time to finish. I would rather just go and fix the errors one by one than wait for several seconds or minutes. The current behavior is very counter-productive specially when you only have one or two errors...
  • Lift 63 character limit on status-area

    • Under Review
    With current high-resolution screens, it seems like a bug, that you can only display 63 character in status-area of ABL windows.
  • constant definitions in openedge

    I would like to be able to define an input parameter as constant. See -- Kind regards, Stefan Houtzager Houtzager ICT consultancy & development www.linkedin...

    Sometimes you are not interested in the OUTPUT parameter of a procedure. Now you need to create a dummy variable to store the output. It would be useful to be able to write the following (or something similar) RUN MyProc(a, b, OUTPUT VOID).
  • Add more information in VST-tables

    Some more information in the VST:s would be very beneficial for managing system status. (Some of these things might not be perfectly logical to put in the VST's though. Even still - they would be very hand). 1) After Image Extents and their status...
  • Add the option to read a database buffer into a JsonObject

    • Under Review
    At the moment the read() method of a JsonObject supports a ProDataSet, Temp-table or Buffer handle but the buffer handle should be a buffer to a temp-table. I would like to be able to use a database buffer as well so I can fill a JsonObject straight away...
  • Bring back color coding in the (64 bit) procedure editor

    • Under Review
    With the upgrade to 64 Bit (Yea!), the procedure editor lost the ability to do color coding and automatic casing ( Business Case: A surprising number of programmers prefer light weight editors...
  • Better R-code Deployment

    • Under Review
    When deploying new r-code to an application, currently the application needs to be shutdown. If the r-code is replaced, the r-code in memory is the r-code chosen. Running without -q could be a solution for this, but it has a performance cost. Ideally...
  • AI Management Daemon improvements

    If I could change three things about the ai management daemon they would be: 1) Fix the file naming. Allow a user specified mask in the style of the "date" command so that I can decide which elements of the name I want to have. i.e. %s = seq#...