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  • Allow point instead of colon for methods & properties

    • Under Review
    In a lot of places the compiler allows point (.) instead of colon(:). Please also allow point for invoking methods/addressing properties, it would make copying samples form c# into abl much easier. e.g. Allow System.Text.Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes...
  • Safe input sanitization method

    • Under Review
    Currently many people use QUOTER() to sanitize user input when inserting it in dynamic queries. However this is unsafe, because it does not escape ~ octal values, and as a result, one can do 'ABL' injection as demonstrated by the following code...
  • Add ability to specify additional HTTP Headers when using a SOAP web service.

    As part of the HTTP POST, I require the ability to add custom parameters to identify the request type and service it should be routed to. You cannot do this in OpenEdge when communicating to a SOAP web service. My only alternative was to manually post...
  • Ability to define an AUTO INCREMENT field

    • Under Review
    Common practice for a table with an ID is to define the table, define the field, define the sequence, and then manually assign the field with the NEXT-VALUE() from the sequence. It would be good to have a field defined as AUTO INCREMENT, where this...
  • Add support for SHA2 / SHA256 encryption algorithm for SSL connections.

    • Complete
    SHA1 is falling out of favor and is working towards becoming deprecated across the IT universe. SHA2 is the likely successor for the time being and needs to be supported.
  • ABLUnit in Linux/Unix environment

    • Under Review
    Can we get the procedure library added to the tty directory of DLC installation on Linux/Unix environments? Thanks, Peter B.
  • Maintain parent-id-relations when passing datasets by-value

    Relations defined as parent-id-relations are "destroyed" when the dataset is passed by-value. I've checked with support and they see this as a product limitation and not a bug. Since by-value basically creates new records the recids are...
  • SNI support for HTTP client

    • Under Review
    We wanted to use the ABL HTTP client for web requests, but right now it does not support SNI for secure communication. Since pretty much everything is HTTPS these days we can't use the HTTP client. As of OE 11.7.1, it looks like all we need is...
  • ABL message callback to customize messages displayed to users

    Allow defining an ABL Message Callback. Instead of just displaying the error code and a human readable text provided by promsgs, allow the programmer to control what messages and which details are displayed to the user. It would allow to provide messages...
  • Multiple Databases & CRC r-code Issues (Interpreted Vs Complied)

    When Progress was a pure 4GL the CRC logic was fundamental to it's implementation. Now application environments can be more fluid and dynamic with inter-database dependencies with loosel y coupled db schemes that are not always perfect matches. OpenEdge's...