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  • Add built in support for WS-Security

    While possible to customize via extensive use of soap headers it would be a lot easier to access WS-Security protected web services with a built in support. Built in WS-Security would improve web service availability in OpenEdge and would help developer...
  • Add "PAUSE n" option to "MESSAGE VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX"

    • Under Review
    Provide the facility to "time-out" an alert-box error or warning.
  • Indexes used by r-code AKA RCODE-INFO:INDEX-CRC-LIST

    • Under Review
    We have an internal delivery system that allows you to move programs to our customers on a ticket by ticket basis. So if you changed 10 programs under ticket 1234 and 15 programs under ticket 4567 the system is smart enough to allow to move all the programs...
  • Activate RECURSIVE queries of a dataset without using a FILL

    • Under Review
    Currently, if a DATASET has a RECURSIVE relation and its TEMP-TABLES are filled with FILL, using that DATASET as the Handle of a BindingSource permits to automatically show the data in a hierarchical way in the UltraGrid linked to the BindingSource. However...
  • Automatically add USING statement in a class when using code completion for a Class...

    When writing for instance next Constructor, the OpenEdge eclipse plugin will search for the UltraToolbarsManager (when using Ctrl-Space) and your Ctor will look like: CONSTRUCTOR PUBLIC RibbonCustomizationDialog(ultraToolbarsManager AS Infragistics...
  • Add a parameter to PDS to stop compile at first error

    Compiling a program with an error takes a long time to finish. I would rather just go and fix the errors one by one than wait for several seconds or minutes. The current behavior is very counter-productive specially when you only have one or two errors...
  • Lift 63 character limit on status-area

    • Under Review
    With current high-resolution screens, it seems like a bug, that you can only display 63 character in status-area of ABL windows.
  • constant definitions in openedge

    I would like to be able to define an input parameter as constant. See -- Kind regards, Stefan Houtzager Houtzager ICT consultancy & development www.linkedin...

    Sometimes you are not interested in the OUTPUT parameter of a procedure. Now you need to create a dummy variable to store the output. It would be useful to be able to write the following (or something similar) RUN MyProc(a, b, OUTPUT VOID).
  • Add more information in VST-tables

    Some more information in the VST:s would be very beneficial for managing system status. (Some of these things might not be perfectly logical to put in the VST's though. Even still - they would be very hand). 1) After Image Extents and their status...