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  • Possibility to switch order of controls in outline view

    • Under Review
    When you are developing a Windows Forms application and the design of your form requires several docked controls, it is important to place the controls on your form in the correct order. Otherwise, you may not get the desired result, and end up with some...
  • Better R-code Deployment

    • Under Review
    When deploying new r-code to an application, currently the application needs to be shutdown. If the r-code is replaced, the r-code in memory is the r-code chosen. Running without -q could be a solution for this, but it has a performance cost. Ideally...
  • Add the option to read a database buffer into a JsonObject

    • Under Review
    At the moment the read() method of a JsonObject supports a ProDataSet, Temp-table or Buffer handle but the buffer handle should be a buffer to a temp-table. I would like to be able to use a database buffer as well so I can fill a JsonObject straight away...
  • Add more information in VST-tables

    Some more information in the VST:s would be very beneficial for managing system status. (Some of these things might not be perfectly logical to put in the VST's though. Even still - they would be very hand). 1) After Image Extents and their status...
  • constant definitions in openedge

    I would like to be able to define an input parameter as constant. See -- Kind regards, Stefan Houtzager Houtzager ICT consultancy & development www.linkedin...
  • Bring back color coding in the (64 bit) procedure editor

    • Under Review
    With the upgrade to 64 Bit (Yea!), the procedure editor lost the ability to do color coding and automatic casing ( Business Case: A surprising number of programmers prefer light weight editors...
  • Lift 63 character limit on status-area

    • Under Review
    With current high-resolution screens, it seems like a bug, that you can only display 63 character in status-area of ABL windows.
  • Add a feature to add USING entry given a class name

    After typing a class name, add a context menu to add the corresponding USING entry for the class based on the assemblies referenced by the project. BONUS: Add a context menu to allow stripping the namespace from fully specified class and create the...
  • Allow FILL() while TRACKING-CHANGES is true

    Same idea as for EMPTY-DATASET() / EMPTY-TEMP-TABLE(), but for the FILL() method. You should be able to FILL() a dataset and revert (REJECT-CHANGES()) or accept (ACCEPT-CHANGES()) that action. See also
  • Support .zip files as an alternative to .pl files.

    Procedure Libraries are nice to use, but cumbersome to work create and maintain while they supply no compression. Using zip files as an alternative on the propath will enable the use of an endless number of freely available tools to maintain the library...