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  • "Extract interface" functionality in PDSOE

    It would be very useful to have an "Extract interface" functionality in the PDSOE Source context menu.
  • PDSOE: Have a separate AVM for project build

    • Under Review
    Currently the build process uses the same AVM as the interactive part of PDSOE. If a build is running this often blocks interactive use of the Eclipse environment. Once the Eclipse UI is blocked (= not responding indication in the window) you can't...
  • Add a parameter to PDS to stop compile at first error

    Compiling a program with an error takes a long time to finish. I would rather just go and fix the errors one by one than wait for several seconds or minutes. The current behavior is very counter-productive specially when you only have one or two errors...
  • AutoComplete on UIB. Part 2 ( KevinRyer has also added something about this )

    It would be very nice, if when popep up the autocomplete for database's tables would allow to select the correct table with up/down arrow, and once selected, if you press dot, it instantly completes the underline code, and offers rigth away, the fields...
  • Adjust auto-complete for Constructor and Destructor

    • Under Review
    If I have a class "" and go to make a constructor, if I make a constructor CONSTRUCTOR PUBLIC ctrl-space I can pick the correct class reference, however it'll insert the entire class path into the Constructor...
  • search for elements of classes, not only class name in class browser

    • Under Review
    Searching in the class browser is currently only possible for class names. It would be nice to search for method names and other elements like in Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Allow point instead of colon for methods & properties

    • Under Review
    In a lot of places the compiler allows point (.) instead of colon(:). Please also allow point for invoking methods/addressing properties, it would make copying samples form c# into abl much easier. e.g. Allow System.Text.Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes...
  • Bitwise operator support in the ABL

    • Under Review
    There seams to all have been a need for Bitwise operator in the 4GL/ABL for many years. There have been workaround solutions i.e. roll-your-own function or call a DLL/Shared Object Library. I understand that there is the Progress.Util.EnumHelper class...
  • Ability to change assemblies file reference dynamically

    Similar to previous submission made by Lieven De Foor "Support for multiple assemblies directories". For similar reasons I would like to have the ability to dynamically amend the assemblies file with the inclusion of "unload" functionality...
  • Possibility to switch order of controls in outline view

    • Under Review
    When you are developing a Windows Forms application and the design of your form requires several docked controls, it is important to place the controls on your form in the correct order. Otherwise, you may not get the desired result, and end up with some...