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  • Provide ability to monitor "code coverage" when performing testing

    We have a need to evaluate "code coverage" during our system testing phase to ensure we are adequately exercising the code base as much as possible. right now we have no idea of how many procedures, branches, etc. are being exercised during...
  • Async calls that allow dataset as (input-)output parameters

    • Under Review
    With ASync Appserver calls we are are nowadays limited: datasets for output-parameters are not allowed !
  • "Extract interface" functionality in PDSOE

    It would be very useful to have an "Extract interface" functionality in the PDSOE Source context menu.
  • Color Coding for table field

    Good afternoon. When writing code, we rarely use the full database class hierarchy as <db-name>.<Table-name>.<Table-field>. usually we write only <table-field>. After the transition to the Progress Developer Studio, we were found...
  • Enhancement to Progress.Lang.AppError

    Update the following constructor: PUBLIC AppError ( INPUT ReturnValue AS CHARACTER ). When constructing an error, accidental omission of the MessageNumber parameter leads to the error message ending up in the ReturnValue property. At the very least...
  • Keyword casing setting for Appbuilder within OE Architect should follow preference...

    The built-in appbuilder in OEA, used for designing, should follow the case preference from the OEA settings too. Currently every new design changes the generated code from the appbuilder to upper case. Correct case within OEA editor is set to lower case...
  • Easier OpenEdge Upgrades

    • Under Review
    We have a large client base and trying to organize and having resource for getting customers to upgrade to newer versions of OpenEdge is extremely challenging. We are obviously happy at the focus on OpenEdge and the new features. Typically we need to...
  • Suppress Creation of Namespace Directory Structure on Class Compile

    If the SAVE-INTO compile option is specified, it would be nice to be able to suppress the creation of the namespace directory structure when compiling a .cls file and make it behave like the compilation of a .p file. The current behavior results in duplication...
  • Add ability to mark all strings as untranslatable for performance

    • Under Review
    Currently one has to mark a string with a :U to mark it as being unstranslatable. If it's not, then any operations like this: "string1" + "string2" + "string3" are performed each time this code is encountered, rather...
  • Bitwise operator support in the ABL

    • Under Review
    There seams to all have been a need for Bitwise operator in the 4GL/ABL for many years. There have been workaround solutions i.e. roll-your-own function or call a DLL/Shared Object Library. I understand that there is the Progress.Util.EnumHelper class...