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  • Add a mocking framework, to make it possible to test OO classes that have dependencies...

    • Under Review
    Without a mocking framework, the amount of labour required to create unit tests for a Class that interacts with other classes can be very high. e.g. if MyClass.cls works with implementations of interfaces IClassOne and IClassTwo, then I need to manually...
  • Override a property in PDSOE (OOABL)

    • Under Review
    With the OOABL, we can easily override a method of an inherited class. We can't do that with properties. Without this feature, we always have to find other solutions with C# ... Thanks !

    To get the Process-ID of the current session, we use _MyConnection table or external libraries. Wouldn't it be nice if this is a attribute of the SESSION system handle?
  • Add CANCEL-REQUEST() method to Async request handle

    Currently you can't cancel a single asynchronous AppServer request. AppServerHandle:CANCEL-REQUESTS() cancels ALL pending requests, which is too much for my needs. A CANCEL-REQUEST() method on the asynchronous request handle could be useful to...
  • Docs: Replace "Explain everything everywhere" policy with links

    • Under Review
    I'm reviewing the ABL Ref Doc for stuff on WIDGET-POOLs, and I noted that each case where NO-ERROR is part of the doc, there's a whole dissertation on NO-ERROR relating to CATCH, ERROR-STATUS, etc. In the case of the DELETE WIDGET-POOL statement...
  • ABL Scratchpad - Tabbing

    • Complete
    Re: A bit of a nuisance that is. Tab key doesn't tab in the ABL Scratchpad. Confirmed as still broken in 11.4.
  • Rationalize procedure references in xref

    Currently, procedure references in xref (both kinds) are placed in the output in sequence with the end of that procedure rather than at the line where the procedure actually begins. The line number referenced is the line number of the end. My understanding...
  • Method ADD-FIELDS-FROM should trim space characters from except-list expression

    Problem: Method ADD-FIELDS-FROM truncates all the fields after 1st space character is encountered between comma delimited except-list expression. Related post: Proposed...
  • Ability to use properties anywhere a scalar can be used

    • Under Review
    This includes all UI input / output fields, dialogue boxes, etc. Presently an intermediate scalar variable has to be used to shuttle data from the property to the UI element and back again.

    See discussion at Provide more than 17 spaces for the file names in the end summary. Show the full name with no ellipses if it will fit. Allow page-size = 0 to eliminate page breaks...