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  • Color coding for translation attributes

    • Under Review
    In 10.2.B the translation attributes were color coded (OpenEdge Architect), but this is no loger the case in OE11 (Developer Studio) The Tech-Support informed me that this was a bug and the color coding is now working as inteded. But the color coding...
  • Callback routines during READ-XML or READ-JSON

    It would be beneficial to manipulate the temp-tables while filling it using READ-XML or READ-JSON. Similar as the AFTER-FILL/AFTER-ROW-FILL. In this way it is possible to fill fields with initial values (i.e. which are not in the xml document).
  • Fix auto-caps (on save and edit) to properly recognize class name from keyword

    • Under Review
    Class or object name which is the same as Progress keyword is being capitalized. This sometimes confuses the compiler when a .NET class name is mis-cased.
  • -rereadnolock to be honoured by ROWID finds

    The -rereadnolock parameter is ignored when you find a record by ROWID. This behaviour is bordering on a bug, and certainly gives rise to bugs in applications where this is not expected. This needs fixing.
  • Proper date formatting options in Progress

    • Under Review
    Could we get a change in date formatting in 11.4? Or should I post this somewhere else? Currently I can do STRING(TIME,"HH:MM AM") but for dates I must use numbers STRING(DATE,"99/99/99") . But it would be so much more useful if...
  • Ignore STOP-AFTER when stepping in the debugger

    If a STOP-AFTER phrase is in effect, the STOP condition is raised when the time-out is reached while stepping with the debugger. This leads to difficulty in identifying where the problem is. For starters, the code initially seems to "crash"...
  • require-field-qualifiers should work for temp tables

    • Under Review
    At the moment (11.7.2) the compiler catches some cases with temp tables but not all of them. TechSupport informed me that the intended behaviour is that this rule should not trigger at all for temp tables because there is no ambiguity for the compiler...
  • SUPPROMSGS for OEDK: Classroom Edition

    Non english language pack exists only in additional language pack and is not available for OEDK: Classroom Edition users. This is serious problem for newbie. Please add a language pack (SUPPROMSG) to the OEDK: Classroom Edition
  • Add write-json and write-xml methods to query object handles

    • Under Review
    Currently you can apply the method to a buffer handle and write out the entire table as json or xml. If you only want some of it, the only way is to copy the records into a temp-table and then apply the method to that. Creating temp-table records takes...
  • Add expected error message numbers per statement/method/... to the documentation

    When handling specific Progress.Lang.SysErrors currently it's always try and error to know the error message numbers to filter on. If the expected error message numbers would be documented this would make creating rock-solid code much simpler. Other...