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  • Add a way to globally "catch" all errors in batch mode

    • Under Review
    At the moment there is no way to catch all errors in code when running in batch mode. It is only possible to pipe the errors to a file. This is problematic since errors go unnoticed unitl someone looks at the logfile. It would be great to have some kind...
  • WEEKDAY tweak and WEEK-NUMBER function

    I would like a flag in the WEEKDAY function so we can choose to return 1-7 for MONDAY to SUNDAY instead of SUNDAY to SATURDAY. Another option could be a new built in function ISO-WEEKDAY or something like that. According to wikipedia weeks begin on...
  • Support for inner/nested classes
  • Have an Eclipse Debugger that steps over in less than 10 seconds.

    With very small projects, the eclips debugger is a very good tool. In our main application however, stepping over takes 10 seconds on average... So that's unworkable.... Please have a look at performance in big applications with thousands of r-code...
  • HLC (Host Language Call) support for PASOE

    Currently the new PASOE AppServer doesn't support linking custom C code with the executable like the classic AppServer and clients (HLC/Host Language Call) There is a new THREAD-SAFE option added to call routines in external libraries (.so/dll)...
  • Enhance reflection functionality to get initial value of variable/property

    It can be useful to get the initial value of a value/property after the value has been changed. The Progress.Lang.Variable:Get() method could get enhanced to be able to return the initial value of the variable/property. If that information is not...

    To get the Process-ID of the current session, we use _MyConnection table or external libraries. Wouldn't it be nice if this is a attribute of the SESSION system handle?
  • XOR operator (logical)

    • Under Review
    Besides the AND, OR and NOT logical operators also the XOR would sometimes be convenient to have.
  • Override a property in PDSOE (OOABL)

    • Under Review
    With the OOABL, we can easily override a method of an inherited class. We can't do that with properties. Without this feature, we always have to find other solutions with C# ... Thanks !
  • COPY-DATASET to have where-string clause

    • Under Review
    Hi I work with datasets in openedge frequently... and there is always a scenario where I have to use the copy-dataset statement to append/merge records. There has been a good few cases where I don't need all records copied to the target dataset...