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  • Add the bcrypt hashing algorithm

    Modern applications require modern security. Lots of hashing algorithms (did anyone mention md5?) are really outdated. I would want built in support for three of the currently most used and most secure hashing algorithms: bcrypt , scrypt and finally...
  • proxygen dotnet (.net) core dlls

    • Under Review
    Similar to: We would like dotnet core version 2.0 of the proxygen generated .net dlls including Progress.Messages.dll and Progress.o4glrt.dll.
  • Support variable definition as constant

    • Under Review
    It would be very nice if we could define variables as constants. This would eliminate many cases where preprocessors are currently the best solution with the added benefit of not having to use includes (if you define a public static const in a class for...
  • Support/Certify .net 4.5 dll assemblies and Progress .net bridge

    • Under Review
    I'd like to start using .net 4.5 dll/assemblies in Progress (prowin32.exe and _proapsv.exe). Currently I can use .net 4.0 dlls. It looks like I can use .net 4.5 dlls but Progress doesn't currently certify/support it. Using .net 4.5 (actually ...
  • Samples for OE REST Adapter Security and Authentication

    Instead of having a truckload of pdf's on REST (Web applications, security, eclipse tools, ...) I would really appreciate some simple helloworld examples on how to set up security, especially when AppServer needs to deal with Security instead of the...
  • Support SOAP 1.2 on server side

    SOAP 1.2 support was added to the ABL Web Services client in 11.3. However, this is not available on the server side (Web Services Adapter). Earlier, during the POST request to the WSA, the third party client passed in the header field SOAPAction...
  • INITIAL option supported for CLASS variables

    (from ) Say I have the following enum ENUM Condition: DEFINE ENUM New Used. END ENUM. And I have a class: CLASS Product: DEFINE PUBLIC PROPERTY Condition...
  • WEEKDAY tweak and WEEK-NUMBER function

    I would like a flag in the WEEKDAY function so we can choose to return 1-7 for MONDAY to SUNDAY instead of SUNDAY to SATURDAY. Another option could be a new built in function ISO-WEEKDAY or something like that. According to wikipedia weeks begin on...
  • Override a property in PDSOE (OOABL)

    • Under Review
    With the OOABL, we can easily override a method of an inherited class. We can't do that with properties. Without this feature, we always have to find other solutions with C# ... Thanks !
  • Have an Eclipse Debugger that steps over in less than 10 seconds.

    With very small projects, the eclips debugger is a very good tool. In our main application however, stepping over takes 10 seconds on average... So that's unworkable.... Please have a look at performance in big applications with thousands of r-code...