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ANNOUNCEMENT - November 11, 2019

The submission of Ideas (product feature enhancements) will be migrated to a new and significantly improved platform in the December 2019 time frame. When the change takes place, you will be redirected to the new location.

Please note that existing open Ideas in this Community are being imported into the new system.

 OpenEdge Development

  • Add support for multithreading in OpenEdge

    • Not Planned
    As said in the title Openedge should support multithreading It would be useful in many many cases. I know that with the Appserver you can avoid many cases where threading would be useful, but not everybody is using the appserver and even the appserver...
  • Compiler should prevent methods/functions without RETURN statement

    The compiler should prohibit (or at least warn about) non void methods/functions that have no RETURN statement on every possible execution path. In Java, such code doesn't even compile. In ABL, when you forget a RETURN x. statement, you don't...
  • Complete OO functionality in ABL

    Currently there are quite some OO features missing in ABL that are common in other OO languages like Java or C#: An extended list of wanted features is available at, but I would like to repeat some here which I think...
  • Unused Code

    Provide optional compiler warnings for variables and properties which are not referenced in the compile unit.
  • Check for unreferenced variables

    Wouldn't it be nice to finish writing a class or procedure and have a simple button that would tell you if any of the variables were unused?
  • Allow configuration of Auto-Indentation settings in PDSOE

    • Under Review
    I would like to be able to configure the Auto-Indentation settings to match the style used in our existing code. e.g. Be able to configure THEN DO: blocks IF expr THEN DO: RUN a. END. IF expr THEN DO: RUN a. END. IF expr THEN DO: RUN a. END...
  • Support for multiple assemblies directories

    Say you have the following situation: Project A: Is generic framework code Has its own assemblies.xml and assemblies directory Project B: Is an application using the generic framework code from Project A (PROPATH includes Project A) ...
  • Add the ability to override a property

    C# allows you to override properties that are virtual. Since in ABL all methods/properties are virtual (overridable) by default (i.e. not FINAL), this should also be possible here. Now you need a workaround (provide a protected overridable getter...
  • Fix autocomplete in PDSOE when using CAST

    When using CAST, the autocomplete in PSDOE is not working. Eg. CAST(MyObject, AnotherType): When typing the colon, PDSOE shows all HANDLE based attributes and methods, instead of those from AnotherType. The parser should be able to figure this out...
  • ABL enhancement: EXPORT/IMPORT for dynamic buffers

    Background: Dynamic buffer is a powerful thing. However, you can't currently use EXPORT/IMPORT with them as you can with static buffers. Enhancement request: Add EXPORT/IMPORT functionality to buffer handles. E.g.: hBuffer:BUFFER-EXPORT(STREAM...