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Remove need to use procedures (where methods would be more appropriate)

Some parts of the ABL still require procedures instead of methods.

Eg. procedures that are ran asynchronously on the AppServer need an EVENT-PROCEDURE, which means you can't really use them in objects (without creating a .p to pass through data).

I'm sure other examples can be found (and are probably known by Progress).

Try to explain these things to developers new to OpenEdge...


  • For a moment I thought you meant removing support to use procedures... ;-)

  • I just went to use the SAX-parser in something that will end up published open-source code and was very disappointed to find that I had to use a PP.  Really tacky.

  • Any news on this one? I can't believe I still have to write a .p to be able to get an asynchronous answer from the AppServer...

  • I need it for calling Multipart SOAP-Webservices ...

  • I need at the minimum

    1) Server-socket connect procedure,

    2) socket read response procedure,

    3) async call back,

    4) All SOAP call backs.

  • Add to the list of use-cases:

    Being able to instantiate a Class as single-run or Singleton directly on an AppServer from the ABL.

    Via REST transport this already works, so the foundation is there. But the APSV transport again needs another procedure on the server-side to instantiate the class, because the syntax to do remote invokes doesn't exist in the ABL.