At this point, Progress' official position on OpenEdge hotfixes in PASOE, Docker images is that users should be building those, hotfixed images themselves.

Progress should officially support images that include hotfixes, as they have the ability to ship a complete installation, in a Docker image, and fully test that it is correct. Any attempt customers make to build such images will be potentially error prone. We also know that the DLC provided in the PASOE image is a subset of the complete DLC, so trying to reproduce that without insider knowledge as to what is really required could very possibly result in applications that won't work.

I've listed three potential options that I think would help, with a strong preference for option 1:

1. Progress pushes new Docker images that include hotfixes, when they are released.
2. Progress publishes a generic Dockerfile that anyone can use to build the required image themselves.
3. Progress publishes an updated set of instructions on how to apply a hotfix to the DLC found in a PASOE, Docker image.