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At this moment there is no support for .NET objects on the Linux platform
- You can only use .NET objects on a Windows platform. (14693)

The AppServer is a great product and certainly with the arrival of PAS but there is still missing some functionalities that only can be solved using the .NET CORE and that is not available in OpenEdge for Linux platforms at this moment.

One way or another this feature is really needed!

  • +1!

  • +1!


  • I mean the ".Net Core" of Microsoft itself because it better serve the need of a stable and well supported platform.

    I don't say Mono isn't wel supported etc. but at enterprise level I think the ".NET Core" of Microsoft would suits better.

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  • .NET core should be supported everywhere, not just Linux or the Appserver...

    Since .NET Core 3.0 gets Winforms/WPF support, .NET Corre support should just be added in general so we can choose the .NET Version we want to use for our program.