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Complete OO functionality in ABL

Currently there are quite some OO features missing in ABL that are common in other OO languages like Java or C#:

An extended list of wanted features is available at, but I would like to repeat some here which I think are really needed:

In no particular order:

  • Support for collections, maps, lists,...
  • Callbacks that now require procedures to support class methods.
  • Java-like data types, i.e., class version of primitives - Integer vs integer in Java terms.
  • Objectification of key built-in objects.
  • Override properties and shadow data members (as in C#)
  • Generics
  • Indexed properties
  • Enums as a data type
  • ...

These features would also help to persuade candidate developers with no ABL background to consider the language or job, as the lack of these features sometimes scares them away...

Other than that, seasoned ABL developers could greatly benefit from these too...

  • For the list of what was discussed in OO Info Exchanges at PCA and PCEMEA see

  • Thanks for the link Thomas (I mentioned it in my initial post, but it wasn't clickable).

    I was there at the PUG in Brussels at the round table for the info exchange, and I'm glad to see all suggestions got recorded on that page. Now let's hope Progress picks some of them up...

  • We have collected feedback and suggestions from a number of sources including the Brussels EMEA PUG Challenge, and have added them to our backlog for consideration in a future release. We've been working to roll out additional OO features in every release, and will continue to do so going forward as we agree that it is important to provide as robust an OO dev capability as we can.

  • A new PUG Challenge Europe is coming up next month.

    I sure hope we get the news that *any* of the above is either being worked on or on the roadmap for the not too distant future...

    Any official news from Progress would be great.

  • At the 2014 Progress Exchange, they did mention some of these items on the 1 to 2 year product roadmap.  Keep an eye out for those and vote up if needed.  They definitely had collections/lists/enums on the list.  I didn't see generics but we definitely need that for lists/collections I would think.

  • A status update from Progress on this would be great...