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ABL enhancement: EXPORT/IMPORT for dynamic buffers


Dynamic buffer is a powerful thing. However, you can't currently use EXPORT/IMPORT with them as you can with static buffers.

Enhancement request:

Add EXPORT/IMPORT functionality to buffer handles.


Not a big issue, just would be a nice thing to have.

  • I would love to see this, our current workaround consists of one class per table and export/import the static way.

  • We switched to the write-json / read-json methods.

    As a nice aside this also removes all the year / date / other user format issues.

    But it does have the overhead of having to move data from the table into a temp-table before write-json / read-json can be used and data cannot be imported using data administration.

  • Dynamic dump can be achieved field by field but that is quite long-winded and cumbersome. Proper dynamic dump and load functionality would be a great addition to the toolkit especially as we sometimes have to extract data from the DBs of other software vendors.

  • Allow for a delimiter expression (as opposed to a literal value).