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ANNOUNCEMENT - December 9, 2019

Ideas (product feature enhancements) for the following products can now be made in the Ideas Portal launched on December 9, 2019:

All existing open Ideas in this Community (submitter and date submitted, name, description and votes) have been imported into the new Ideas Portal. The Progress Communities Ideas forums for these products have been set to read-only.

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 DataDirect Connect

DataDirect Connect
  • Adding the option to set up a queue

    Whenever a job is submitted to Hadoop the job by default is sent to the default Hadoop queue which is causing an issue for Hadoop resources – we would like to be able to define a new queue in the driver properties. This can be done with the Horton...
  • SQL SERVER LOGGING without the output, only statistics

    This is the current implementation: The SQL-92 statement ' SET PRO_SERVER LOG ' controls logging for all connections to all OpenEdge SQL Servers. It is executed from any ODBC or JDBC client application to set the logging on and off using the...
  • Allow connecting as SYS using SYSDBA or SYSOPER privileges

    When you try to connect as SYS to an Oracle Database, you are given an ORA-28009 error stating "connection as SYS should be as SYSDBA or SYSOPER". There is currently no way to make this type of connection using the DataDirect Drivers.
  • Remove dependency on an EOL-ed component – MSXML4

    • Under Review
    Products using DataDirect ODBC XML driver might be categorized as unsafe by security inspectors or IT department since it depends on a EOL-ed component, for which Microsoft are very very unlikely to provide any further security patches to solve new vulnerability...
  • Support for Informix INTERVAL, BIGINT, BIGSERIAL.

    The DataDirect drivers do not support Informix datatypes INTERVAL, BIGINT, and BIGSERIAL. We are not able to write generic Informix adaptors unless all built-in native datatypes are supported.
  • A method to evaluate XPATH String

    • Under Review
    We need a function to evaluate XPATH string into and get the text from that node. For eg, given the below XPATH in the input file: /X12/TS_204/GROUP_3/GROUP_4/N4/N401/text() ="TORREON" In Xquery code: let $N401 := "/X12/TS_204...
  • Support for Oracle INTERVAL data type

    Summary of the enhancement: Enhancement: Request for adding support for INTERVAL data type in Connect/Connect64 for ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol Driver. 1. The nature of the enhancement required specifying what should be changed or implemented. Connect/Connect64...
  • BaseConnection class should limit the time it takes to rollback a operation within...

    Description: We have been discussing this for a long time now and it looks like if there was a mean to time out rollback operation that BaseConnection class does while cleaning up of resources, it could certainly most of the time save system from crashing...
  • Request for the ability to use HTTP connections with the Hive ODBC and JDBC driv...

    • Under Review
    - What is being requested: Support in the ODBC / JDBC Hive driver to connect using the HTTP port - Reason for request: Customers who want to access the Hive using the Knox Gateway cannot access it using the Knox Gateway, as the connections through...
  • Support GROOVY in DataDirect XQuery

    • Under Review
    We wish that DataDirect XQuery can support Groovy code since Groovy runs on the JVM. Groovy is light and more easier to code compare to Java.