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  • OpenAccess for OpenEdge AppServer

    Hi, OpenAccess for OpenEdge AppServer does not support transactions in the current release - version 7.2 - and therefore rollback operations are not supported. I understand that the behavior is the sane for all the client drivers (ODBC/JDBC/ADO.NET...
  • Option to treat all tables in the mysql schema as USER tables with the DD ODBC and...

    - What is being requested: For the MySQL ODBC and JDBC drivers, provide an option to treat all tables in the mysql schema as USER tables. - Reason for request: The DD driver currently treats all tables in the mysql schema as SYSTEM tables. Users...
  • Support for BIGINT in Informix Wire Protocol ODBC Driver

    • Under Review
    Querying a table that contains a bigint with the Informix Wire Protocol ODBC Driver results in an error. The only workaround is to cast it as int8, this is not always a viable workaround, so would be nice for the Informix driver to support this data type...
  • ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver does not support LDAP

    • Under Review
    Please add support for this. Our users are using your drivers to perform specific tasks such as streaming data to Teradata. They can't use another driver and if LDAP is not supported then they are unable to use your drivers in our product. Thank you...
  • Request SAML support in OpenAccess

    Netsuite is requesting SAML support in OpenAccess. SAML,, is an authorization standard for web applications.
  • HTTP Proxy Support in the PostGreSQL JDBC Driver.

    As more and more customers are moving to cloud, it has become increasingly imminent that the drivers that we ship or certify has support for the Connections through Proxy server. One such requirement has been put forth by a customer who would want to...
  • Support for Entity Framework 6

    We have plan to migrate our .Net projects, which are currently on .Net Framework 4.0 and Entity Framework 4, to .Net Framework 4.5 and Entity Framework 6 with Visual Studio 2013. We have IBM iSeries DB2 at the backend. We are hold up at the moment only...
  • Request for XML ODBC Driver for Windows 64bit

    • Under Review
    I am writing this idea to request XML ODBC driver for Windows 64bit to be added in to DataDirect package. We have a few customer using XML files (especially in Europe). Now they have to use 32 bit Windows and 32 bit XML ODBC driver to import these XML...
  • Allow alternate random number generators for SSL seed

    Nature of request: Request Connect ODBC and JDBC drivers to allow specification of the location of the random number generator to be used as a seed for SSL key generation for encryption. Use case/rationale: The drivers are hard-coded to use /dev...
  • Add SKIP operator to Connect for ADO.Net Sybase Entity Framework provider

    • Coming Soon
    Actually the SKIP operator is not supported by the ADO.Net Sybase Entity Framework provider. It's a critical feature to enable paging results.