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  • Support Microsoft PDW

    • Under Review
    - What is being requested: Support for Microsoft PDW - Reason for request: PDW is gaining traction with enterprise customers. - Possible workarounds: No alternatives or workarounds exist for this requirement (other than using a competing driver...
  • Windows 10 support

    • Complete
    At the moment the last supported Windows version of OpenAccess Local SDK is 2012 R2. Windows 10 was released in July 2015 and it's still not supported. I propose to add Windows 10 support to keep the product up to date.
  • Allow alternate random number generators for SSL seed

    Nature of request: Request Connect ODBC and JDBC drivers to allow specification of the location of the random number generator to be used as a seed for SSL key generation for encryption. Use case/rationale: The drivers are hard-coded to use /dev...
  • Request for XML ODBC Driver for Windows 64bit

    • Under Review
    I am writing this idea to request XML ODBC driver for Windows 64bit to be added in to DataDirect package. We have a few customer using XML files (especially in Europe). Now they have to use 32 bit Windows and 32 bit XML ODBC driver to import these XML...
  • Add SKIP operator to Connect for ADO.Net Sybase Entity Framework provider

    • Coming Soon
    Actually the SKIP operator is not supported by the ADO.Net Sybase Entity Framework provider. It's a critical feature to enable paging results.
  • Oracle Wire Driver could support OID Authentication. Then I would be a hero at work...

    How about allowing the Oracle Wire driver to work with DB's that use OID Authentication? Currently the driver does not support this.
  • Support for Hive 0.14 in the ODBC driver on all Platforms

    Hive 0.14 has been GA since November 12, 2014. Many Hive users are interested in the new Hive 0.14 features like: INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE: and Temporary tables...
  • Add LONG DataTypes support for scalar functions

    • Complete
    Trying to use scalar functions on a WLOGNVARCHAR data type returns an error: select substring(column,1,10) from table; The following error information describes the failure ODBC Call = SQLExecute() SQL State = HY000 Native error = 10190(27CE) Error...
  • Update for XML Converters for .NET Version 5.0

    Request for an update to be made to the XML Converters for .NET Version 5.0. To include the new dialect for EDIFACT, D09A, D09B, D10A, D10B, D11A, D11B, D12A, D12B, D13A & D13B. Also, support for the latest windows operating systems. As the current...
  • IBM i connection string: allow to specify which DB2 Jobdescription to use for a specific...

    When using the DB2 "adopted authority" concept, the start program that is used needs to be specified in order to adopt the authority of the owner of this program. At the moment, the dataprovider always connects with the default jobdescription...