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  • Adding the option to set up a queue

    Whenever a job is submitted to Hadoop the job by default is sent to the default Hadoop queue which is causing an issue for Hadoop resources – we would like to be able to define a new queue in the driver properties. This can be done with the Horton...
  • SQL SERVER LOGGING without the output, only statistics

    This is the current implementation: The SQL-92 statement ' SET PRO_SERVER LOG ' controls logging for all connections to all OpenEdge SQL Servers. It is executed from any ODBC or JDBC client application to set the logging on and off using the...
  • Allow connecting as SYS using SYSDBA or SYSOPER privileges

    When you try to connect as SYS to an Oracle Database, you are given an ORA-28009 error stating "connection as SYS should be as SYSDBA or SYSOPER". There is currently no way to make this type of connection using the DataDirect Drivers.
  • Remove dependency on an EOL-ed component – MSXML4

    • Under Review
    Products using DataDirect ODBC XML driver might be categorized as unsafe by security inspectors or IT department since it depends on a EOL-ed component, for which Microsoft are very very unlikely to provide any further security patches to solve new vulnerability...
  • Support for Informix INTERVAL, BIGINT, BIGSERIAL.

    The DataDirect drivers do not support Informix datatypes INTERVAL, BIGINT, and BIGSERIAL. We are not able to write generic Informix adaptors unless all built-in native datatypes are supported.
  • A method to evaluate XPATH String

    • Under Review
    We need a function to evaluate XPATH string into and get the text from that node. For eg, given the below XPATH in the input file: /X12/TS_204/GROUP_3/GROUP_4/N4/N401/text() ="TORREON" In Xquery code: let $N401 := "/X12/TS_204...
  • Support for Oracle INTERVAL data type

    Summary of the enhancement: Enhancement: Request for adding support for INTERVAL data type in Connect/Connect64 for ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol Driver. 1. The nature of the enhancement required specifying what should be changed or implemented. Connect/Connect64...
  • Support GROOVY in DataDirect XQuery

    • Under Review
    We wish that DataDirect XQuery can support Groovy code since Groovy runs on the JVM. Groovy is light and more easier to code compare to Java.
  • BaseConnection class should limit the time it takes to rollback a operation within...

    Description: We have been discussing this for a long time now and it looks like if there was a mean to time out rollback operation that BaseConnection class does while cleaning up of resources, it could certainly most of the time save system from crashing...
  • Request for the ability to use HTTP connections with the Hive ODBC and JDBC driv...

    • Under Review
    - What is being requested: Support in the ODBC / JDBC Hive driver to connect using the HTTP port - Reason for request: Customers who want to access the Hive using the Knox Gateway cannot access it using the Knox Gateway, as the connections through...