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  • Salesforce JDBC Driver - Add Bulk API when Reading from Salesforce

    The Salesforce Bulk API supports both read and write operations. Today the Salesforce JDBC driver supports the Bulk API only when writing to Salesforce, it should also support the Bulk API when reading from Salesforce.
  • Support targetServerType with DataDirect driver

    Currently opensource PostgreSQL driver can support this option targetServerType as explained in below link We need this option to be supported with DataDirect drivers. For example something...
  • Customer Interest for IBM Big SQL Support

    • Under Review
    Increasing number of our customers want to use DataDirect drivers for DB2 with IBM Big SQL.
  • HTTP Proxy Support in the PostGreSQL JDBC Driver.

    As more and more customers are moving to cloud, it has become increasingly imminent that the drivers that we ship or certify has support for the Connections through Proxy server. One such requirement has been put forth by a customer who would want to...
  • Enable DB2 driver to authenticate using PKI

    • Under Review
    We would like to use PKI authentication when connecting to DB2, meaning we want to use a client certificate (.p12) instead of userid/pwd credentials. Can this feature be enabled in the DB2 ODBC driver?
  • Update DataDirect driver to return the correct column size for DB2 CodeUnits32

    • Under Review
    Please refer to case #00401989. DataDirect driver version: 07.15.0233 Platform: all operating systems and DB2 v11.1 SQLDescribeCol returns incorrect column size in the 7th parameter ColumnSizePtr on CodeUnits32 DB2. The correct column size should be character...
  • SSL support with the Cassandra ODBC and JDBC drivers

    - What is being requested: SSL support with the Cassandra ODBC and JDBC drivers - Reason for request: The driver currently doesn’t have encryption capability. See
  • support for streaming output parameters introduced in ODBC 3.8

    · Need support for streaming output parameters introduced in ODBC 3.8 · This would allow for an application to call SQLGetData with a small buffer multiple times to retrieve a large parameter value. This is similar to retrieving large column...
  • Spark Driver - Support for query cancel

    Support clients to send cancel requests to long running queries.
  • Spark Driver - http mode

    Support http mode for thrift connectivity to Spark Server. For example, if the Thrift server is configured to listen in binary mode, the client should send binary requests and use HTTP mode when the Thrift server is configured over HTTP.