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  • Pool of knowledge

    Sorry that's a bad title. It may be that the Wiki is the best place for this, or maybe not. I'm very aware that there are a lot of resources out there not owned by PSC that are useful for folks helping themselves. The trouble is that they're...
  • Enable notifications based on keywords

    Since there are now just a few (big!) forums and I really don't care about the forum, I would like to subscribe to keywords rather than forums. For example, I am currently interested in the topic of multi-tenancy. If you search on 'tenancy'...
  • Inbox icon seems to be irrelevant

    Icon for Inbox (highlighted in yellow on the image) seems irrelevant. I always mistake it as a link for my "Friends". This should look like something like an envelope. Can this be changed? Of course, a low priority thing.
  • Add more filters to the knowledgebase

    I would like the possibility to filter searches in the knowledgebase, primarily based on version of Progress. So either exact version (11.5) or at least 11.0 and upwards (ie remove entries only applicable to versions 9 and 10 or older). (If this idea...
  • Forum preview of post

    • Not Planned
    If you use the syntax highlighter you cannot see what you post will look like until you actually posted it. It would be nice to have a preview so that you can correct posts before actually saving them.
  • extend the list of OpenEdge challenges

    Extending to Rob Fitzpatrick's idea as of 8 Feb 2014 6:25 AM I suggest to have a challenge "OpenEdge Deployment Products" in addition to "OpenEdge Development" and "OpenEdge Database".
  • A community group for raising site bugs

    Please can we have a community group for raising bugs with the community itself? Thanks.
  • Easier navigation for paged lists

    When I'm in a forum or idea list that goes over multiple pages, it's hard to see which page I am on, and therefore which is the next. Can we add a next/previous button, and maybe even a first/last button as well to make navigation easier?
  • Simplify the upgrade process between major versions i.e. 11.5 to 11.6/11.7

    Can I raise an enhancement in relation to an upgrade path between major versions, currently I understand you have simplified the upgrades of service packs post 11.7 however to move from an older version to 11.7 and beyond you still requires a complete...
  • How do I unsubscribe from all these irrelevant Group emails?

    I'd like to unsubscribe from all the Business and Technical group emails. I only need emails for my own post threads. It seems I have to join a group to post - does that mean I have to keep joining and unjoining groups just to be able to post...