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  • Progress Alert and Notification Service (PANS) for an end users

    At the moment, access to the Progress Alert and Notification Service (PANS) for an end users is prohibited. This is very counter-productive. So, I propose to make PANS accessible to all, it will be a good help for both developers and administrators. ...
  • Facilitate Automated Testing - Have all Screen Widgets support MSAA for Coded UI

    Significant benefits will be provided if the above can be delivered, it means that we will be able to build automated tests that could run every night to improve the quality and reliability of our code. The other spin off of this is we could provide the...
  • Having more than 5 posts on the initial page

    It would be nice to have more than 5 posts visible on the initial community page. It would be nice to have that customizable, but 20 would do just fine. Thanks.
  • Allow users to edit ideas that they have submitted.

    • Under Review
    It appears that once a user clicks Save on an idea, they aren't able to edit it later. It would be good to allow the user to edit the idea to correct typos or reword for clarity.
  • Ability to edit posts

    Apparently we can't edit our own posts? Please enable this basic feature. Thanks.
  • Add IDEAS button next to HOME, FORUM, WIKI, etc

    Currently the Ideas seem to be only accessible via a quick link from the Technical Users section. Besides that, the Ideas end up in the Business Users section instead of the Technical Users section (I'll create a separate Idea for that...)
  • Wiki is a good place to put all kind of relevant stuff, but....

    When I'm aproaching a concept, I have learned that the wiki has lots of good readings and stuff. In fact so much, that abrumates the newbie, like me. For instance, I'm reasearching all about the OERA, and found on lots of documents...
  • Add IDEAS section to Technical Users

    Currently the Ideas are located in the Business Users group, while it is only accessible from a quick link in the Technical Users group. We need a big IDEAS button, next to the HOME, FORUM, etc. buttons in the Technical Users group itself, leading to...
  • Change default for email notifications when joining a group

    • Not Planned
    It appears that the default for email notifications for all Forums in a Group is ON. In other words, when I join the Business Users group, by default I will receive email notifications for every posting and response for every Forum in that Group. I...
  • Limit search on a forum to that forum

    • Under Review
    AFAIK the only search that is currently available is "Search Community" . When I'm already in a forum I'd like to start with a search that is limited to that forum. Now I have to search the whole site before I can start filtering ...