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 Business Rules Management System (Corticon)

Speed up automated testing in Azure DevOps Build


We use the following command to test all available testsheets in a rule project:

CorticonBuildTools\bin\corticonManagement.bat" --test --input test.ert --all --output "\TEST-test.xml"

We have noticed that for every testsheet, Corticon is needing some time to initialize the rule service. Since all rulesheets have the same test subject, we would very much like to see an optimization of this initialization.

Our goal is to speed up the build.


Matthijs Eijsberg

  • The recommendation is to consolidate all tests against the same test subject in a single test, but organized in multiple tabs (to represent the test scenarios you may have). Consequently, Corticon can execute against one test asset (deploy & compile once) and one single in-process instance of Corticon Server (used for scripted testing) saving considerable time.

  • For 6.0.2 we're looking at adding support for corticonManagement allowing testing against a running Corticon server and allowing wildcards for .ert selection.

    Testing against a remote server will allow you to build and deploy to a test server from your CI/CD scripts and then run ruletests against it without the overhead of deployment.

    Allowing wildcards on the -test argument will allow multiple ruletests to be run in-process with the overhead of only 1 deployment