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 Business Process Management (BPM)

  • Implement History, PasswordHints and AccountLockout in custom security.

    We are currently testing custom security interfaces for OEBPM. We succesfully implemented it to OEBPM, and the settings seem to be working. In the documentation "3. Customizing password security" we can read that options like History, PasswordHints...
  • Expose BPM functions as REST service

    Ability to consume BPM functions using SOAP as well as REST as some of the newer systems are only able to consume REST services.
  • AMQP for ABL

    • Under Review
    Now that AMQP is here, I think Progress OE may want to revisit their approach for doing messaging ( aka the so-called "generic JMS" approach). I was never that keen on the extra hops and infrastructure that OE puts in place to allow us to do...
  • BPM & Source Control Management system

    I have few diagrams which we wanted to be stored in a SCM system. Diagrams can be modified by any developer and can be published on local BPM development server and by an automatically deployment tool we publish them on BPM server in the test environment...
  • OpenEdge BPM to support a multi-tenant architecture

    Can you please introduce or support multi-tenant architecture for OpenEdge BPM. We cant host multiple BPM server instances for every tenant.
  • Change the subprocess instance's priority when the priority of subprocess workstep...

    • Under Review
    Change the priority of a subprocess in parent's tabular view and expect the priority of subprocess instances are changed. It is refer to
  • A single package which includes all scripts of migration tool zip files of OE11.3...

    • Under Review
    For OE 11.4, in $DLC/oebpm/server/migration, unzip and there's only one zip file called In OE 11.3.2, in $DLC/oebpm/server/migration, unzip PROGRESS_OEBPM_DATA_MIGRATION_UTILITY_ALL...