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cannot convert 10.2B to 11.2


cannot convert 10.2B to 11.2

  • Trying to convert a database from 10.2B07 to 11.2, and I get the error

    Existing system authentication type conflict with OpenEdge built-in types.

    Conversion is not allowed until DBA corrects these problems.

    I've converted db's before and never come across this

    Any clues on how to fix it ?


  • Please check the Database Administration guide.

    CONV1011 performs a pre-scan to check for conditions that prevent a complete

    conversion. If any conditions exist that would prevent the conversion are found, they

    are reported and CONV1011 exits normally with no change to the database. You must

    correct all reported issues before CONV1011 can successfully complete. Conditions

    that cause the pre-scan to exit include:

    • Data conflict with new “built-in” records

    – For the _sec-authentication-system table, no record can exist with the

    following values in the _Domain-type field:

    • _extsso

    • _oeusertable

    • _oslocal

    proutil db-name -C conv1011

    PROUTIL CONV1011 qualifier

    OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration 723

    – For the _sec-authentication-domain table, no record can exist with the

    following values in the _Domain-name field:



    • UNIX

    • UNIXID

    • Data conflict in the _Domain-name field of the _sec-authentication-domain

    table. CONV1011 converts the _Domain-name field to be case insensitive,

    therefore fields that were different solely because of case, must be modified.

    • Length of the _Domain-name field of the _sec-authentication-domain table.

    The length of _Domain-name is reduced from 128 to 64 characters. An existing

    field greater than 64 characters must be modified.

    • Data conflict in the _Userid field of the _User table. CONV1011 does not allow

    values for _Userid that contain an “@” sign. Only OpenEdge SQL could have

    created one of these values.

  • yeah, I have been. I am so surprised that I've not hit this before

    though. Also, if the only solution is to delete the records, why can't

    the conversion utility just do that ?

  • We will not implicitly delete any data since it may be more confusing to the DBA if they in fact rely on that data and find it different or missing after the conversion. We just do not know what you really want to do with the data in conflict.

    We could have added a switch so the deletion could be explicitly asked for but alas we did not.

  • I'll resurrect this one with an issue I've just found

    On a server with 11.7.4 only.

    Restoring 10.2B Database, using %DLC%\102butils\102b05_dbutil.exe to prorest and truncate bi.  Worked OK.

    It wont let me conver using proutil db -C conv1011, as the _sec-authentication_system records exist.

    I can truncate the bi, but cannot convert the db to 11 because of the records.

    I don't have 10.2B, and will increasing find it harder to get it now it is officially retired, and don't use it on a day to day basis.

    But there will be a need for a DBA to resurrect an old DB backup from a previous version and convert to a newer version, without the tools to remove these records.

    Adding a remove option to _proutil may be the only way to allow entry into these old db backups in the future.