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Transition a replication set.


Transition a replication set.

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All seems to work fine, but when i do failover transition it failed to start DB in new role.

10:51:48 Switching database role : Succeeded
10:51:49 Updating database master block : Succeeded
10:51:49 Comparing databases : Succeeded
10:51:49 Completing Target transition : Succeeded
10:51:50 Backing up database : Succeeded
10:51:50 Starting database in New Role : Failed with -254

Cant find anything related to that error. Any ideas?

Edit : Think it might be my startup params in repl properties file. Just checking it out.

Edit : Recovery didnt transition the second database back to a target, it has left it source. So i now have two source databases and one target, and cant manually transition the second source to a target because of 

The transition of this database failed with error -270. (13550)

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  • dsrutil writes out a record of what happens during transition to a .lg file (dbname.repl.util.lg). 
    It is  good place to look for  indication of what an issue may have been.
  • getting this

    Function dssBlobUpdate failed in rpREC_WriteRCB_Blob with error -35022.

    in the db log.

    following this causes the putty session to lock up and become unresponsive while trying to disable site replication. Any attempts pro into the db also cause the session to lock up.

  • Hi Jason,
    Please log an issue with TS with the steps that lead up to this.  I will be helpful to include all of the .lg files
    for the db with the error.