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11.3 DB feature list

  • Hi all,

    I have created a new DB under 11.5 with 8k blocks. Backed it up using probkup and transfered it to a server running 11.3.1.

    When I tried to restore the DB I get the following error.

    An invalid feature 23 has been encountered in the database's Enabled feature list. (11727)
    The list of enabled features contains feature(s) that are not recognised by this version of the OpenEdge product. (11835)
    !!! ERROR - Database restore utility FAILED !!! (8564)

    The source DB has this feautre listed using proutil <DB> -C describe. I created an empty DB using procopy %DLC%\empty8 and it doesn't have that feature listed.

    What am I missing beside my marbles???



  • Run: proutil db -C updateschema

    Article: Is it necessary to run updateschema after performing a conv1011?


  • Thanks for the reply George. After a few hours of KB searching I finally found one that was exactly the solution.

    It appears that new Db's created, at least from 11.5, will by default have feature ID 23 enabled. Feature 23 being "New VST Tables".

    OE 11.3 does not have this feature ID and therefore I couldn't restore the 11.5 DB.