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Count of records in a table


Count of records in a table

  • Hello,

    I am new to Progress database. Can anyone please tell me how to find the number of records in a table?

    select count(*) from table;

  • Have a look at

  • Correct.  

    Seclect count(*) from table;

    Gives the total number of records in the table.

  • You can count records programmatically via ABL but it will be slow for large tables.  I find it is faster to do this via SQL, but you must have a SQL broker configured for your database.

    You can also run a db analysis or table analysis report from the command line.  Look up the proutil dbanalys qualifier and tabanalys qualifier in the Reference section of the Database Administration manual.  These can be run for the entire database or for the contents of a single storage area.  The resulting report provides a list of tables and their record counts, among many other things.  Table analysis does less than database analysis so it should run faster.