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enable html encoding in grid field


enable html encoding in grid field

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When I enable html encoding on a grid field and send html from the server, it just shows up as html encoding.

For example: <strong> This should be bold </strong>

Shows up in the field as:  <strong> This should be bold </strong>

Maybe I am not understanding how this should work but this is the example given in the documentation.

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  • Hello,

    I think that the key here is that "Enable HTML Encoding" corresponds to the "column.encoded" option in the Kendo UI Grid:

    If you look at the generated code for controller.js, you can see the setting of the encoded property.

    When encoded is true, the value of the column is HTML-encoded to escape the HTML tags.

    When encoded is false, the value is not encoded and then the web browser would interpret the values.

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    I hope this helps.