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OpenEdge Product Availability Guides and Life Cycle Guide

OpenEdge Product Availability Guides and Life Cycle Guide

Platform & Product Availability Guides (PAGs) reflect the current commercial releases for Progress products.These documents do not address plans for future product certifications and support -- they describe current support for the indicated products. This information changes on a regular basis so the documents are subject to change without notice.


NOTICE OF NEW ORACLE JDK RELEASE MODEL AND IMPACTS - Please review changes that Oracle is making to the access of the JDK/JRE effective January 1, 2019.

OpenEdge and Roundtable Compatibility Guide

The following details the compatibility between Progress OpenEdge and Roundtable product releases.

OpenEdge and Aurea Sonic Compatibility Guide

The following details the compatibility between Progress OpenEdge and Aurea Sonic product releases, documenting what platforms the OpenEdge Adapters for Sonic (MQ and ESB) can be installed and run on.

Note, starting with OpenEdge 12 this content is incorporated into OpenEdge PAG.

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Archived Availability Guides

OpenEdge 10
OpenEdge 11

Product Life Cycle Guide

The Product Life Cycle Guide outlines the product development and technical support resources available during a product's life span. This document details the different product stages starting from the First Commercial Shipment (FCS) of the product to eventual product retirement, and provides the life cycle status for each Progress Software product. This information is designed to help you develop your product plans within the context of Progress Software's product life cycle plans.

Product Version & Current Service Pack (SP) Life Cycle by Product Release
Active Mature Retired
OpenEdge 12.1 2019-Sep
OpenEdge 12.0 2019-Mar 2019-Sep
OpenEdge 11.7.5 2017-Mar 2019-Mar TBD
OpenEdge 11.6.4 2015-Oct 2017-Mar 2019-Mar
 OpenEdge 11.5.1 2014-Dec 2015-Oct 2017-Dec
OpenEdge 11.4.0 2014-Aug 2014-Dec 2017-Aug
 OpenEdge 11.3.3 2013-Jul 2014-Aug 2016-Aug
OpenEdge 11.2.1 2013-Feb 2013-Jul 2016-Feb
OpenEdge 11.1.0 2012-Jun 2013-Feb 2014-Feb
OpenEdge 11.0.0 2011-Dec 2012-Jun 2013-Jun
OpenEdge 10.2B.08 2009-Dec 2011-Dec 2019-Mar
OpenEdge 10.2A 2008-Nov 2009-Dec 2010-Feb
OpenEdge 10.1C 2008-Feb 2009-Aug 2014-Jul
OpenEdge 10.1B 2006-Dec 2008-May 2008-May
OpenEdge 10.1A 2005-Dec 2007-Mar 2007-Mar
OpenEdge 10.0B 2004-Aug 2006-Mar 2006-Mar
OpenEdge 10.0A 2003-Dec 2004-Nov 2004-Nov
Progress V9.1E 2004-Nov 2006-Nov 2015-Oct
Progress V9.1D 2002-May 2005-Feb 2005-Feb
Progress V8.3E 2001-Dec 2002-Mar 2010-Feb
Progress V8.3D 2000-Jan 2002-Mar 2002-Mar

(SP) Progress supports the most current Service Pack for a release, only.

(T) Indicates the Target date for moving to the Retired Phase, based on the OpenEdge Life Cycle policy.

Note: The Active date is when the initial release (e.g. 12.0.0) took place. There may be subsequent Service Packs issued for that release- these do not affect the Active date or the overall version life cycle.

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