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PSDN Contents 2015.1

The PSDN Software Developers Kit (SDK) includes the latest major release of OpenEdge development products...
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Progress OpenEdge - Application Development Platform

With the Progress OpenEdge product, you can develop dynamic solutions that incorporate business process...
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PSDN Contents 11.3

This file contains the list of products that are included in PSDN kits for 11.3.
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Update to OpenEdge Adapters for Sonic Platforms and Compatibility Document (Jan 2016)

Details the compatibility between Progress® / OpenEdge™ and Aurea Sonic product releases, documenting...
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Make the Move - What's New in OpenEdge 11.4

Learn all the compelling reasons why moving your software development to OpenEdge 11.4 is a real “no...
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OpenEdge 11 Product and Platform Availability Guide 19 August 2016

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OpenEdge Continuous Integration White Paper

Continuous Integration is a process which monitors your source code system, waiting for anybody to check...
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Roundtable - OpenEdge 11.5 Compatibility Matrix

Published by Roundtable Software, this document provides compatibility information between various releases...
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Progress OpenEdge Life Cycle Policy Guide - July 2016 Update

Progress Software’s OpenEdge Product Life Cycle Policy consists of a series of milestones and activities...
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New Features in OpenEdge 11.5

Learn all the compelling reasons why moving to the latest 11.5 version of OpenEdge is the perfect way...
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Updated OpenEdge 10 Platform and Product Availability Guide (30 January 2017)

This is the updated OpenEdge 10 Platform and Product Availability Guide (PAG).
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Updated OpenEdge 11 Platform and Product Availability Guide (12 April 2017)

Please find the latest OpenEdge 11x Platform and Product Availability Guide (PAG) that was updated on...
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Updated OpenEdge Platform Availability Guide (Last updated 19 August 2016)

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Update to OpenEdge 11 Availability Guide 24 August 2015

The OpenEdge® Platform & ProductAvailability Guide reflects the current commercial releases for...
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Feature descriptions for OpenEdge 11.6 ESAP1

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