We are in the process of upgrading from 10.2b to 11.7.5 and have run into one issue so far.

This error was reported from Proxygen generate JAR.

Open4GLException occured com.progress.open4gl.dynamicapi.SessionPool$NoAvailableSessionsException: SessionPool : NoAvailableSessions[Request failure: Server refused connection (7251)]

We're confident it's not a problem with the JAR per se.

A review shows that all the AppServer agents are hung and not responding.  Stack traces from each of the hung agents shows that they are all stuck at either a CREATE SAX-READER or CREATE SAX-WRITER statement.  Further testing in a simple procedure editor window confirmed that an 11.7 session will hang whenever attempting to execute either of those statements.

A couple of our thoughts:

- 11.7.5 installed along side 10.2b

- DLC directory is a symbolic link

It appears this is NOT limited to AppServer calls. A stand alone pro session with no connections to anything, also hangs when attempting to create a SAX object.

Has anyone else run into this or have an knowledge of a resolution? We will also be raising this with Tech Support.