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Will OpenEdge 12 be getting classic documentation?


Will OpenEdge 12 be getting classic documentation?

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When I clicked on links to OpenEdge 12 documentation, all I get is categorized sets of links to parts of the documentation. https://docs.progress.com/ Everything is in a progress.com shell, so there is a ton of wasted whitespace when I view the docs online, plus there is the distraction of the Progress header/footer that is completely unnecessary for the developer reading the documentation.

The "Bookshelf" is where I was guessing I would find the actual link to the complete documentation set, but it's more of a mobile-friendly responsive design of article groupings. https://docs.progress.com/category/bookshelf  I could be wrong, but I think the vast majority of users reading OpenEdge documentation will be on a full desktop. In my opinion, mobile-friendly documentation is unnecessary until Developer Studio is available for iOS/Android...

Part of my reasoning for wanting the documentation as a book/manual is that reading isolated articles found using a search engine or by clicking through category links will leave the reader with a piece-meal understanding of the product. OpenEdge is an enterprise grade product used by professional developers. I think there are quite a few of us that will read entire sections of the documentation (if not the whole thing) so that we have all the information in the proper context. It does appear that there is a table of contents within each section, but how do I know what all the top level sections are? I need that single-hierarchy listing in an always-present menu so that I can browse any section of the docs I need to without navigating away from the current page.

I would much prefer the classic documentation set: https://documentation.progress.com/output/ua/OpenEdge_latest/index.html Will 12.0 documentation be released in this book-style format (single master table of contents)? Or is Progress abandoning this format? Will there be an option to download the full documentation as PDF/HTML as there has been in the past?

I have a pretty strong opinion about the docs, but I'm also curious how much of the Progress community agrees/disagrees with me on this - especially those that have worked with OpenEdge for 5 or more years.

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  • Hi Tim:

    The OpenEdge Information Hub is a searchable, topic-based portal for offering Progress technical content. The primary mechanism for delivering content is HTML pages, not PDF files. For those who still need a PDF, we encourage you to visit the Bookshelf. You also have the option of downloading a ZIP of all the PDFs from .

    Please note that we trimmed many books from OpenEdge because either the technology was deprecated or the books were out of date. We are also in the process of re-titling some books to improve the searchability. Although you may not find the exact title from the 11.x release, please use the robust Search feature to find the content that you need.

    OpenEdge 12 is the first release of the OpenEdge Information Hub. We are working to better understand how you want to use the site. For example, we are optimizing the searchability, improving the breadcrumbs, and surfacing Related Links to provide context for a topic or additional topics related to the subject matter. Please use the feedback option to communicate directly with the Content Team.   We value your feedback!

    Thank you,

    The OpenEdge Content Team

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  • +1(x10^100).  I have the full documentation set (for multiple versions of OpenEdge) either as pinned tabs or at the very least bookmarked.  So far what I've seen of OE12 "documentation" is anything but.

  • My desired format is the complete set of downloadable PDFs.  I find them easiest to read and importantly, they're available offline.  I use them daily.

  • PDF documentation for OE12 is available here: community.progress.com/.../1329.openedge-product-documentation-overview

    Link can be found in the OpenEdge box in the bookshelf site.

  • Personally I prefer the PDF documentation on the local machine. I rarely use the Web based documentation.

    • I find the PDF docs on the local machine much more responsive and simpler to read when I know exactly what I am looking for.
    • I can send the relevant manual to my Kindle for some "light bed time reading" when I need to learn something new, or simply want to sharpen my knowledge.
    • The pdf docs are always at the same place and they are always accessible to me. The internet might not be and the links to online documentation can change.
    • I might not be looking for "latest' but for the previous version where this-or-that is not available and I need to remember how we did it before that. I never remove old documentation sets, even if I uninstall the version and delete the install files. You never know which version the next phone call will involve.

    I admit freely that HTML with links makes for rapid random access when you need to jump all over the place, but  that is not how I learn and it is rarely what I need. Using the online documentation to try to learn something gives me the feeling of reading fragments and bits and pieces. Working with the traditional page layout of a book gives me the feeling that there is structure and method and a step-by-step process to soak up new knowledge.

    Simon L Prinsloo


  • Thank you for the link !

  • Adding one more question about the PDF - In previous versions (at least the ones I have), there was a start.pdf that linked to the rest of the PDFs. I can open the new PDFs individually based on the filenames, but is there a plan to have a start.pdf as the top level navigation?

  • > PDF documentation for OE12

    I'm shocked. It's not a documentation but an unstructured set of the articles. ;-(

  • Tim Hutchens

    Adding one more question about the PDF - In previous versions (at least the ones I have), there was a start.pdf that linked to the rest of the PDFs. I can open the new PDFs individually based on the filenames, but is there a plan to have a start.pdf as the top level navigation?

    I was about to post this.  I cannot use the documentation without an index page...


  • I'm confused too. It is not clear how to use it now. I hope this is the first draft and it will be fixed soon.

  • In previous versions most of the PDF files had short cryptic names. For 12 the names of the PDF files are much more descriptive so it is not that difficult identify what each one is for but a Start.pdf would be better - it would give it some structure.

  • Push come to shove, this wouldn't be a hard thing to be provided by someone from the user community, but it should come from PSC so that it is in the standard distribution.

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  • Me too.  Agree with you , about the shock it causes not being able to do things (docs reading) as we've doing last 20 years...

  • latest compared to the new docs


    the new docs is definitely not an improvement

    * Only a fraction of the screen is used. The same problem has been reported for the community site ages ago.

    * The index is missing

    * The first hit with basic usage is not useful, you really need the notes when using progress statements

    * there is an attempt at colour coding but it's very random. I guess java or C# syntax is used instead of OpenEdge syntax. If there is no OpenEdge syntax for colour coding , there should be none. Currently ther are kind of random splashes of colour

    On the positive side : query is much faster, on the "latest" site I always had query with google on the new docs site query is fast

  • Wow, this is a huge step down from the old one (which wasn't perfect either).

    Any official comments on this?

  • , could you comment on the situation with the documentation for OE 12?