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Silent install on Windows 2016 Core


Silent install on Windows 2016 Core

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Has anyone tried - and been successful at doing a silent install of OE 11.7 (32 or 64-bit) on Windows core (no UI)? 

We are trying our luck with Docker Windows images - but setup.exe does not seem to do anything when run on this platform. 

I realize it may not be officially supported yet ;-) But thought someone else might have been brave enough to try this... 


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  • Hi Thomas,

    I'm curious how you made out with this? Currently trying to accomplish the same thing with 11.7.2 on Docker for Windows, also trying to work on Windows Core. I myself, have gotten OE to seemingly Install, but the AdminService isn't truly running, no, etc.

  • I will have to check with my colleague who got all this working to see if we have run into the same issues.

    We got the images (very big) built - but haven't gotten round to using them yet.

    I'll check and get back to you.

  • Much appreciated, thank you