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Unconvertible character

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I am getting the following error with the following command:

COPY-LOB FROM ipXMLFileData TO GridSetting.XMLFileData.

Unconvertible character found in source data with codepage UTF-8 to codepage ISO8859-1 (12009).
Could not update large object segment during copy.

ipXMLFileData is a LONGCHAR.

GridSetting.XMLFileData is a temp table field:  FIELD XMLFileData AS CLOB COLUMN-CODEPAGE "UTF-8":U

The ipXMLFileData variable is being set to an Ultragrid column settings xml.

How can I fix the 'unconvertible character' error please?

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  • I believe this message is telling you the source data contains characters that are not in the codepage of the target. If you are consuming UTF-8 data, your client's -cpinternal should be able to handle all characters you expect to receive from the UTF-8 data. Try with -cpinternal UTF-8.

  • Hello Garry,

    I have applied FIX-CODEPAGE statements in several locations, plus ensuring the use of COPY-LOB is working with consistent codepage settings.

    I also had to apply code changes in the location where I use the UltraGrid:DisplayLayout:SaveAsXML command to build the xml (from the Ultragrid settings) so that I output to an xml file, then use a COPY-LOB back to the LONGCHAR. My previous code was using SaveAsXML with a System.IO.MemoryStream(), which appeared to be contributing to the character 'not in codepage' issue.

    As a result, this has fixed the issue.