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Installing 11.7 on ubuntu linux


Installing 11.7 on ubuntu linux

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I have tried installing 11.7 on two different servers, and each of them gives me the same problem. proadsv -start seems not to be run. Do I have to add some manually in the startup?

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  • What does the adminserver log say?

    Note that if you have multiple installations, the section in which the non-default port and adminport need to be provided has changed in 11.7 - see the extra parts in

  • It is not multiple installations. When I have done the installation, and reboots the Linux server, the proadsv -q shows that it is not started. If I do a sudo proadsv - start, it will start. I Wonder why it is not added to the startup by default, as it has been done before.

  • I've never seen the install scripts set this up on Linux / Unix.

    But you can add it easily - see

  • Thanks Stefan, I hoped I didn't had to do that, but than again, now I know :-) Always something extra to do...