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I've seen this question pop up a few times, but never a clear answer.

Is there some form of support for Swagger for a Progress REST-api? If not: will there be in a future version?

There are 2 types of descriptions at the moment:

WADL: We can export the wadl to apimatic and convert it to a swagger format. But the wadl-format is very basic, so you have to edit the swagger file manually.

JSON-Description: Unless I'm mistaken, it's not possible to use this with Swagger.

I don't think you can get away without Swagger support nowadays. If we mention "REST', the first thing the customer says is: 'where is the Swagger link?'

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  • It is something we are investigating and agree it is an important part of an API Strategy. However, we are not even at a proposal at this point.
    I would be very interested in your Swagger use cases and what you would like to see for support.
  • I don't understand why the json-description was chosen over something like Swagger.

    Use cases for us:

    -We have a team of openedge developers creating a REST-api for a team of angular developers. It would be nice if modifications to the api would be automatically reflected in Swagger as well.

    - We also have an api that's used for third-party developers to create a link to our software. The first thing they ask is where the swagger-description is hosted.

    - keeping an overview of the api

    I should also mention, we also have a team of .Net developers. If they create a webApi, the swagger definition gets automatically generated as well. Not sure if its a Microsoft tool, but it exists (+ oauth support & easier setup). And it makes the .Net developers point & laugh at us :-)

  • I'm also interested in Swagger support.

    At a simplistic level, could we build something that can parse a temp-table or prodataset definition and produce the swagger definition?

    There is also a project to help in building code generators for different languages to support Swagger. But that is swagger to ABL.