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OpenEdge Slack channel?

  • Hi!

    Is anyone interested in a Slack channel for OpenEdge? There's one for Nativescript (next to a forum) and it works pretty well. If this is a good thing, do you feel it should be initiated bij Progress or the community (I took the liberty to start one myself, based on the replies I may proceed with this)? 

    Feel free to make suggestions (or just to say that's not a good idea, don't send the lawyers).

  • Isn't Slack limited in terms of members unless you pay?

  • I believe you can have as many member as you want but every 10k messages get archived and there is an upload limit of around 5GB.

  • Kim's right. The reason I think Slack is a good idea is that it gives means to communicate much more directly with each other.

  • If we're going that direction, I'd much rather create peg 2.0, re-establish the mailing lists, and add other functionality as needed.

  • No Tim don't do it! Do not fracture the community any more than it already is. There is already this site, stackoverflow, progresstalk, linkedIn, facebook, google groups...

    Slack serves a different purpose from community.

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  • I agree with Paul.  This community is too small to be further carving it into more silos.  Also, a big part of the value of a community is the ability to search past conversations.  You lose that with Slack, at least on the free tier.

    I'd like to see PSC continue to invest in Community.  It's getting better but there is a long way to go.  The underlying platform is quite limited in its capabilities in comparison to other more mature forum platforms.

  • Oh please not that "fractured" thing again. Peg and communities both worked well when peg was still around, and if a "new peg" site is created using a modern mailing list system that supported html, etc. it could work even better.

    As for stackoverflow, progresstalk, linkedIn, facebook, google groups - stackoverflow is just for questions and doesn't work towards developing a community, progress talk gets some chatter, and I can't recall the rest getting much activity overall. The difficulty in getting community buy-in alone is the most compelling argument against forming another community channel.

  • I agree with , Slack serves a different purpose.

    Community and Stackoverflow are usefull for SEO (make OpenEdge topics visible and searchable among the mass).

    Slack is more a direct team interaction.

    The free plan allows an unlimited user number, but limit the search within the last 10 000 messages. Besides, you can't store more than 5GB of attachments. These 2 limits are easily reached, but non-blocking in a day to day use.

  • @Rob - this isn't a zero-sum game. If someone were to create a NewPEG people could participate in both forums as they wanted.

    Your comment about the platform's limitations is one of the stronger reasons for the community going its own way - if the community wanted to do something and there was people willing to get it done, they could get the job done instead of waiting for PSC to agree with the direction and make the change.

  • In regards to Robs comment. While you are correct that Slack would be an awful lot more useful the ability to search chat logs shouldn't be considered core. I've seen communities thrive without around plenty of other languages. I think it's more about the ability of real-time chat with other developers.

  • Well, let's turn this thread not into a discussion whether we need more/less mailing lists / fora. Slack is a different medium altogether, much more direct. IMHO, it would be a great addition next to what we have right now.  

  • Re: slack limitations - I'd note that there are open source / freeware competitors to slack...

  • I work daily with Slack and RocketChat and have been using both for a year or two now. I much prefer Slack. I have no experience with other competitors.

    We need someone from PSC to pipe in. ? If not Brian he certainly would know to whom to forward this conversation.

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  •  Fair enough; but as has been said above, Slack and other messaging platforms aren't forums.  The limitations of Community and the time it might take to address them might be a reason for the community to put up its own forum platform.  But it doesn't make sense to me to use that reason to justify an OE channel in Slack.  They serve different needs.

    I use Slack at work so I understand its utility for work teams interacting frequently on projects.  I guess I just don't see the problem in the OE community for which Slack is the solution.  Is it more a desire to resurrect PEG or something like it than to address the shortcomings in Community?