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PEG - Progress Email Group?


PEG - Progress Email Group?

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Is no more (as we are used to)? 

I haven't received any peg mails since the end of may. Does anybody know if it's down or what?



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  • Hmm... you're right - the last email I have was end of May as well.

  • whois shows it is now owned by someone named andy booth in the UK

  • now has just a web page and

      Any questions? Email

    I've sent "me" a question asking who they are and what their plans are for the domain.

    Whois link:

  • The contact is Going to "" gets this:

    The domain name is currently used in relation to the acquisition of domain names.

    If you require information or want to contact a member of the team, email us by clicking here.

    I'm thinking the domain registration wasn't renewed and someone else jumped on it.

  • Sad end for the best progress forum it was

  • Sad indeed , was still there in March 2016

  • Anyone friends with Greg Higgins and can find out what the story is? Would be a shame to see the thing die completely.

  • From Greg, "I shut it down and sold the domain.".

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  • Le PEG est mort, vive le PEG! so sad (

  • Unfortunately it's not like with the French kings .... as the domain seems gone and the new owner does not intend to sell it for any price.

    So Progress Communities, Stack Overflow, or ProgressTalk have to pick up. It would be nice it someone could get a list of the old PEG subscribers and email them the alternative forums.

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  • Community as an alternative - here, too, is possible to leaving messages in topic by email.
  • Yes. Stack Overflow has also gotten a bit of traction in the past.

    It would just be nice to be able to direct those that were just subscribed to the PEG to the alternatives.

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  • If is gone, there's nothing stopping us from getting a new domain, putting a mailing list pkg on that and running with that.

  • ... and keep distributing the community even more?

    It's really sad PEG is gone. But wouldn't it make way more sense to concentrate on the forums already there?

    i.o.W. do we need another forum?

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  • Completely agree with Mike here. The only real loss in the whole business is the archive of questions/answers.