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OpenEdge Add-In for Enterprise Architect

OpenEdge Add-In for Enterprise Architect

The OpenEdge Add-in for Enterprise Architect includes a utility which can import a .df file into a UML data model and export a UML data model into a .df file. The add-in also includes the OpenEdge MDG Technology for Enterprise Architect includes OpenEdge RDBMS data types, OpenEdge ABL data types, ABL code generation templates, ABL reverse engineering grammar, and OpenEdge-sepcific UML patterns, profiles, stereotypes, tagged values, and UML diagram settings.

Like all add-ins for Enterprise Architect, the OpenEdge Add-in is a COM component that interfaces with the EA Interop assembly. The OpenEdge Add-in is written in .NET C# and requires MS Visual Studio to modify and build.


  • (25/04/2015)   Done with the manual registering with /codebase and it worked, so far....

    EA 11.1.1113,  OE 11.5

    Just a glitch.. I'll investigate further...

    After registering, started EA, and created new project, and then on Extensions>OpenEdge menu, there were three options:

    Install  MDG technolology for OpenEdge

    Help and


    and after runing the first option,, all the options of this menu-item disappeared...  Checking this.....

    Just found that first option  was to "initialize" MDG tech in the project...   after that the OE options where available in the extensions menu of the resources of the proyect.



  • how do i import the .df into EA?