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PASOE, SAML, Azure AD and javascript client


PASOE, SAML, Azure AD and javascript client

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I've been reading documentation from Progress and Microsoft on SAML, and only result so far is 100% confusion Geeked

Does anyone have a step-by-step instruction on how to do this?

How to configure PASOE?

How to configure Azure AD?

What ABL procedures needs to be developed and added to PASOE? (Client-principal)

What changes need to be made to javascript based client to utilize?

Our client is talking to web transport in PASOE.



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  • Torben,

    Have you checked this article?

  • Yes, I have read and this is what I so far use as starting point.

    But no Azure configs, and javascript samples require node server.

  • Hi Torben,

    This is basic SAML configuration on Azure that can help you.

    You need an idp.xml and a sp.xml for the SAML implementation.

    With node.js you have to generate the client side of the configuration.


  • Hi Peter,

    thank you!

    I'm currently dead-ended, because I can't get admin access to Azure AD, and this seems to be needed to get the idp.xml.