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Openedge 12.0 Server side join

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Hi Team,

I am trying to execute the new functionality of progress 12(server side join). I installed Openedge 12.0 trail version in my system.
I enabled the qrylog and executed my script in the procedure editor . Updated the DB start up script also. 
But the qrylog file does not contain any information about server side join.(In the log file, Server-side join appears next to the query type for server-side join queries: 
Type: FOR Statement, Server-side join). I cannot able to see this information in my log file. 

Can you please let me know weather server side join will enable in the Openedge 12.0 trail version. If its works with trail version, can you please guide me where I am wrong in my execution.


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  • Hi Pugjkb,

    Can you share your query? Currently, the server-side join is not supported in certain queries. For example, server-side join will be disabled if the query uses SHARED-LOCK or EXLUSIVE-LOCK, or if the WHERE clause contains certain expressions (example a function call or a class property).