I'm seeing strange behavior in the way the logging parameters take effect after upgrading to OE 11.7.5 (level and log entry types).  I've been trying to find a pattern but it isn't easy to find one.  In general the properties specified in the OEE management console are ignored, or "trumped" based on unknown factors .  For a given ABL application, you can set the logging level and log entry types in the "configuration" screen.  Then you need to restart the Pasoe instance before they will take effect.  Even then, they don't seem to take effect the same way that they did in the past.

Here is the first example.  I used to be able to force the agent logs to be totally silent by setting the logging level to zero.  Now the setting is ignored (or maybe PASOE adds one to it?)  And log entries are written despite my preference of logging level.  

Here is another example.  I set the logging level to 1 and want the bare minimum amount of noise for "ASPlumbing".  Instead PASOE bumps things up to level 2 (which can be quite noisy):

I can't really make sense of what is going on, other than to say that PASOE is trying to be smarter than me.  I think it is a bit disruptive.  If anything, it should be correcting me earlier - while I'm using the OEE console - instead of waiting until later when the agent is starting and then disregarding my configuration.  It has been taking quite a bit of trial-and-error to try to make sense of the behavior.  Can someone else please confirm that this problem isn't isolated to us?

To make matters worse, we used to be able to set "allowRuntimeUpdates" for PASOE, which would allow changes to the logging to be performed dynamically but that doesn't seem to work anymore.