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PAS Sample Project Using Web Handlers


PAS Sample Project Using Web Handlers

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Good morning, All: 

I am interested in setting up an internal demo for the company I am working for that showcases how PAS REST APIs can be accessed with the Web Handler approach (not the Annotation approach), but I am struggling to find information on how to set such a project up. 

Can someone please point me to a sample project? Maybe a Git repository? 

Thank you,


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  • If you add  new “ABL Service” and select WEB as the transport, you are in business. Make sure *not* to select the “Create a Data Object Service” option.
  • @Peter Thanks for that pointer, but I am looking for some details on how the complete setup would operate. The URL mapping in '' file; the RegEx pattern matching rules. Is this information readily available somewhere in the KB?

    EDIT: I actually found this PUG presentation by Peter (Judge) that seems to have a lot more information. I will be leaning on this to move forward. 

    Thanks again, Peter! 

  • I couldn't find one easily in the doc set; I have presented on Web handlers in the past - this deck will hopefully explain the  setup of webhandlers and how they fit into a PASOE server.