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Do we a provisional release date for service pack 4? Can anyone confirm this will be the last service pack before 12.0?


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  • Why would it be the last service pack?  OE 11.7 is not going away any time soon.  I would look at 10.2B and use that as a model for the potential lifecycle of OE 11.7.  See the following for more information.

    ...In the case of 10.2B it hasn't yet reached retirement, and it has received eight service packs (10.2B.08).   I think they stop producing service packs after they stop finding critical bugs.  

    As far as the release of 12.0 goes, I doubt there is any official date yet, although I heard it will be some time next year.  I would guess that the tentative retirement date of OE 10.2B (in Q1 2019) is also when they want to have a 12.0 release.

    I don't think they would retire that until there are two other major versions available for customers to pick from.

  • The retirement of 10.2B coincides with the FCS of 12.0 normally.

  • My understanding is that 11.7.4 is scheduled for Q4 of 2018.  I hope my stuff makes it into that SP too... (but I'm still waiting on the KB to be published so I don't have high hopes ).

    I guess if we miss that train then it will end up on the next one...

  • OE 11.7.4 is now available.  I've also been told that there are plans for service pack 11.7.5, but I'd guess that it won't come out until after OE 12 is available as well.

    Here is the 11.7.4 announcement:

  • The current expectation is 11.7.5 in Q2 2019 and 11.7.6 in Q1 2020.  Of course, a lot can change by then.