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Running newer Eclipse (4.7.3a - Oxygen) with OpenEdge 11.7.x/11.6.x plugins


Running newer Eclipse (4.7.3a - Oxygen) with OpenEdge 11.7.x/11.6.x plugins

  • Unfortunately it is not (yet?) possible to use 1 Eclipse installation to use multiple versions of OpenEdge at the same time...

  • Hello Lieven,

    OpenEdge 11.7.x is not working with Eclipse 4.8 Photon. OpenEdge uses some internal "API" from the org.eclipse.swt plugin (Windows functions) which have been removed in Eclipse Photon.

    Problem: Projects with a database connection are not working - database is not connected

    But Eclipse Oxygen 4.7.3 is working fine.

  • Maybe the missing API is in the "Luna"-Download?

    I think it would be nice to work with the current version of eclipse


  • Hi Lieven and Lars,

    What are the benefits of working with a newer version of Eclipse. For sure, newer IDE, more stable... more features. I mean for a 'Progress Developer'? What (new) features will be usefull which we don't have now?

    For example, will this work?

    KR, Arno

  • Hello Bernhard,

    No, Luna is needed for some additional plugins that are no longer shipped in the current eclipse releases which OpenEdge depends on, not for changing installed plugins.

    Kind regards,

    Lars Neumeier

  • Hi Lars,

    Strange as I seem to have no problem using Photon at the moment.

    I might bump into issues later, but currently this seems to work (starting from a workspace/project used in Eclipse 4.7.3a - Oxygen)

    I'm experiencing issues too, back to Oxygen it is then...

    I'll adjust the original post to prevent people from trying this...

  • Hello Arno,

    Yes, every new eclipse version has not only more features, but also bugfixes, UI improvements and performance enhancements. But the main reason for using the lastest eclipse version is the support of other plugins.

    EGit (Git integration in Eclipse), Mylyn (Taskmanagement) - their latest releases support Eclipse 4.7 and Eclipse 4.8.

    Kind regards,

    Lars Neumeier

  • Hello Lieven,

    I post a stacktrace of the issue, that I found, in case some of the PDSOE devs are looking into this thread or like to know.

    Kind regards,

    Lars Neumeier

  • Exception with Eclipse Photon:

    !ENTRY org.eclipse.ui 2 2 2018-07-30 20:11:57.988
    !MESSAGE com.openedge.pdt.text.views.ClassBrowserView: Deprecated relationship "fast" should be converted to "stack".
    Exception in thread "Runtime Server Client Connection" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.eclipse.swt.internal.win32.OS.FindWindow(Lorg/eclipse/swt/internal/win32/TCHAR;Lorg/eclipse/swt/internal/win32/TCHAR;)J
    	at com.openedge.pdt.platform.win64.OSwindow.getProgressOwnerWindow(
    	at com.openedge.pdt.project.RuntimePVM.setWindowThreadId(
    	at com.openedge.pdt.project.AbstractAVMOwner.initializeAVM(
    	at com.openedge.pdt.project.AbstractAVMOwner$1.runtimeInitialized(
    	at com.openedge.pdt.project.RuntimePVM.safeInitializeRuntime(
    	at com.openedge.pdt.project.RuntimePVM.initializeRuntime(
    	at com.openedge.pdt.project.RuntimePVM.connect(
    	at com.openedge.core.runtime.RuntimeServerConnection.handleAVMConnection(

    Kind regards,
    Lars Neumeier

  • This also seems to work for OpenEdge 11.6.x with only slight modifications:

    - Older version of the javax jars

    - Use Kepler - instead of Luna

    I've adjusted the original post to add that information.