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HTTP client ( response body issues on Linux


HTTP client ( response body issues on Linux

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Hi guys, I have an issue when using HTTP client( on Linux (CentOS 7). OpenEdge version is 11.7.3.
Every response I get is HTTP/1.0 version (even when forcing HTTP/1.1 in request), but also ContentLength is always 0 and there is no response body (Entity object)!
Using log-manager I discovered that full response, containing both header and body, comes back to the server, but in OpenEdge I get only header.

When trying same thing on Windows 10, everything works fine, I get response body.

I would appreciate your help.


Kind regards,


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  • Are there any errors in any logs?
    It sounds odd … may be worth speaking to tech support
  • Dear Peter, thank you for your answer. No, didn't get any log errors, my log-manager log file looks like this:


    [OE.N.HTTP.L.ABLS.ABLSocketLibrary DEBUG] REQUEST: FILE= /srv/medical/db/request-raw.txt

    [OE.N.HTTP.L.ABLS.ABLSocketLibrary DEBUG] RESPONSE: FILE= /srv/medical/db/response-data-received.txt

    [OE.N.SC.ClientSocket DEBUG] Connect: -H -S 80

    [OE.N.SC.ClientSocket DEBUG] Connect: TIME(ms)=46

    [OE.N.SC.ClientSocket DEBUG] Write: time(ms)=0

    [OE.N.SC.ClientSocket DEBUG] Write: size(b)=1211

    [OE.N.SC.ClientSocket DEBUG] WaitSync: timeout(s)=0

    [OE.N.SC.ClientSocket DEBUG] ReadHandler: OK? yes

    [OE.N.SC.ClientSocket DEBUG] ReadHandler: time(ms)=133

    [OE.N.SC.ClientSocket DEBUG] ReadHandler: size(b)=488


    [OE.N.HTTP.L.ABLS.ABLSocketLibrary DEBUG] CHUNK: SIZE(b)= 8192

    [OE.N.HTTP.L.ABLS.ABLSocketLibrary DEBUG] CHUNK: READ(b)= 488

    [OE.N.HTTP.L.ABLS.ABLSocketLibrary TRACE] CHUNK: FILE= /srv/medical/db/response-data-chunk-00001.txt

    [OE.N.SC.ClientSocket DEBUG] ReadHandler:OnDataReceived time(ms)=40

    [OE.N.SC.ClientSocket DEBUG] ReadHandler: ReadComplete? yes

    [OE.N.SC.ClientSocket DEBUG] ReadHandler: ReadTimeout? no

    [OE.N.SC.ClientSocket DEBUG] ReadHandler: ReadTerminated? no

    [OE.N.SC.ClientSocket DEBUG] WaitSync: total time(ms)=,178

    [OE.N.SC.ClientSocket DEBUG] WaitSync: total size(b)=488

    [OE.N.SC.ClientSocket DEBUG] Disconnect: -H -S 80

    My response-data-received.txt file looks like this (on Windows I get HTTP/1.1 and Transfer-Encoding: chunked, which I can not force on Linux..):

    HTTP/1.0 200 OK

    Cache-Control: private, max-age=0, no-cache, no-store, no-transform, must-revalidate

    Pragma: no-cache

    Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

    Content-Language: en

    Expires: Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

    Server: Kestrel

    Date: Mon, 14 May 2018 17:30:00 GMT

    X-Cache: MISS from firewall

    X-Cache-Lookup: MISS from firewall:3128

    Via: 1.0 firewall (squid/3.1.20)

    Connection: close

    {"operationCode":11110100,"information":"The pack is active.","state":"Active"}

    Bellow is my simple code. In file /tmp/data.json I only get empty brackets {}, and oResponse:ContentLength is 0.

    When I tried access JSON values, I got Progress error:

    Call to Progress.Json.ObjectModel.JsonObject:GetCharacter( ) failed. Property 'state' was not found. (16058)

    oRequest = RequestBuilder:get(httpUrl)


                   :AddHeader("Authorization", access_token)

                   :AddHeader("emvs-data-entry-mode", "manual")

                   :AddHeader("Accept-Language", "en")




    oResponse = ClientBuilder:Build():Client:Execute(oRequest).

    if oResponse:StatusCode <> 200 then

       message 'ERROR: Data retrieving..' ' HTTP Status Code:' oResponse:StatusCode oResponse:StatusReason view-as alert-box.

    if oResponse:ContentType = 'application/json' then

       cast(oResponse:Entity, JsonObject):WriteFile('/tmp/data.json').

    message oResponse:StatusCode oResponse:Version oResponse:ContentLength view-as alert-box.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Kind regards,