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Update oeablSecurity.properties via command line (proenv)


Update oeablSecurity.properties via command line (proenv)

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Is there any way to update <instance>\webapps\<webapp>\WEB-INF\oeablSecurity.properties via command line similar to using >instance>\bin\oeprop.bat  that updates openedge.properties?

I am automating the creation of a webapp instance, deploy the war file and need to customize the OERealm.UserDetails.realmURL property in oeablSecurity.properties.

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  • Darek,

    Unfortunately, we do not have any automation utility to do that, you can add that as an idea to the forum.

    But I can give you a tip which might be useful for your automation. You do not need to have all properties in your oeablSecurity.properties file, you can just have what is required and the remaining properties will be pick the defaults. For example, if I want to set basic-local and enable CP with a registryfile for domains then my oeablSecurity.properties file can only have the below properties.





    Basically you do not need to worry about merging the properties with the original copy, just replace the original.



  • Hi Irfan,

    Is there no switch on pasman create

    pasman create -p 8916 -P 8917 -s 8918 -u tomcat:tomcat ...  <autostart switch here?>

  • Nope. We do not have one.

    You have to make sure that the PASOE Instance is created successfully and  then start the instance. You can write a mini script that combines both 'pasman create' and 'pasman pasoestart'.