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Documentation to develop a REST service


Documentation to develop a REST service

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Good day

I've been searching for the document that walks you through creating and deploying a REST web service, but I just can't locate the correct manual.

Can somebody please jolt my memory and point me to the correct document? 



Simon L Prinsloo

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  • In 11.6 it's in the "Web Services" PDF 

  • Thanks, Tim. I do not know how I managed to overlook it.

    Simon L Prinsloo

  • OE Version? Classic AppServer or PASOE?
    I hope for yourself it’s 11.7 and PASOE 😉
    Then have a look at web handlers.

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  • The PSC / OE doc set is huge and I've struggled with "where do I find this?" myself. I've suggested PSC create a "master index" doc along the lines of the old "pocket progress" - hopefully they'll implement that and resolve questions like this.

  • I second this. We developped a bunch of REST services and are now switching to Web handlers to implement them. Despite some more work (not so much really) at the beginning, they allow much more control and evolutivity than REST.

    Furthermore PSC has (wrongly IMHO) stated that REST webservices are only about JSON, thus preventing e.g. any application/xml consuming REST WS; with webhandlers you can overcome whatever artificial limiitation they implemented in REST WS.

  • I’ll also jump on the WebHandlers bandwagon. Use it because
    - you get a ton of flexibility and control (content types, response formats etc)
    - it’s all ABL – you can debug/trace it better
    I did a talk at the US PUG Challenge on them: check out the slides at  . I like to think that it gives a decent overview with some comparison to the REST transport.
  • Sometimes it works better to get know something by example. Below are couple of great videos and example that I have used and found very useful.

    1. Progress OpenEdge Application Available as a REST Service -

    2. Progress OpenEdge Data Object Services -

    3. Generic Service using web protocol for JSDO

    4. OpenEdge API code doc -