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Good morning!

Just played a bit with the ABL Dojo and created this snippet here:


I tried creating a class in a package by naming the file "Consultingwerk/Gilles.cls".

When I try to run the Dojo, there is no result output - but also no error message. If I remove the Consultingwerk/Gilles.cls file the code runs fine like available here:



a) please add support for classes in packages and 

b) make sure that compile errors or whatever error this is here are shown to the developer.

Thanks! Nice tool.

Architect of the SmartComponent Library and WinKit

Consultingwerk Ltd.

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  • Hi Mike,
    Thanks for trying out ABL Dojo and for providing the feedback, for the initial release we did not plan to support packages for class names, but this is something that is in the top of our list for future releases.

    Nischal Y
  • OK - I understand.

    Support for sub-folders would be a new feature.

    An error message - about why the code is not executed is a must  and should be fixed ASAP.

    Architect of the SmartComponent Library and WinKit

    Consultingwerk Ltd.

  • Generally compilation errors will be shown in the output pane,

    But there seems to be an issue when parsing file names with paths

  • For me a .p does work either, no output is shown, only "click run to see the result here".

    Solved : found out that it only runs Main.p

  • The entry point for any execution is Main.p, so you could create a new procedure and run it by adding a run statement in Main.p


    also you can check snippets for examples

  • I've submitted it in the feedback, but some CRUD stats on queries would be a really nice to have.

  • Have some CRUD :-)


  • While cool, how safe is the environment?

    The session is started with a keyword forget list that contains:










    Using INPUT FROM OS-DIR a lot of the server can be explored.

    The server is running Debian GNU/Linux 8.

    Progress is installed in /usr/dlc.

    progress.cfg can be read.

    COPY-LOB can be used to overwrite files - my target being the /usr/dlc/version file.

    There is some sharing going on - so some of my sessions are seeing an adjusted version while others are not.

  • Ha thanks Stefan! :) Would be nice to have it as standard though.

  • > While cool, how safe is the environment?

    Content of /proc/1/cgroup shows that it's running in Docker. So even if you change something in the environement, it probably won't last long !

  • Yes, but how many users are sharing the same Docker instance?

    And how often are they reset?

    If I read / write to version from multiple browser sessions, I see changes to version made by browser 1 showing up in browser 2.

    When I create a customer record in browser session 1, then browser session 2 also can see this record.

  • Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for the sample and great that you are using ABL Dojo "Share snippets" to share it :).

    I will log a bug for this, so that we can fix this in next version.


    Nischal Y

  • Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for taking time to do such an intensive testing :)

    Riverside Software is right on spot, all your code is running in a docker container.

    When you open ABL Dojo in your browser, it creates a user session and for each user session a docker container will be spawned behind the scenes, so what ever code you write will be executed inside that docker container, And all your CRUD operations will be seen only by that session and will not be shared with other users, so that docker container is exclusively yours (well for just that session though).

    And like Riverside rightly pointed out, we remove the docker containers.

    When do we do that?

    After the User browser session expires, currently user browser session expires after ~10 mins of inactivity.

    --- If I read / write to version from multiple browser sessions, I see changes to version made by browser 1 showing up in browser 2

    Can you tell me how did you create two browser sessions? did you open ABL Dojo in two separate browsers or two different tabs, because two different tabs of same browser will be the same session.

    If you are still seeing this issue probably you can share a snippet that reproduces this issue.

    Hope this helps.


    Nischal Y

  • Hi NIschal,

    Thank you for your explanation.

    Yes I was being tricked by two Chrome tabs. When I open in Chrome and Edge I have no sharing issues.

    Once again: very cool stuff!



  • One additional question - how long are shared snippets kept?