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HTML5 Rocks!

  • It's amazing the things you can do these days with web apps! just javascript and no plugins.

    I've been playing around with peer2peer web real time communication (html5 webrtc).

    I was able to put together a facebook like text chatting and skype like audio/video chatting with support for groups, ringtones, echo cancellation etc. in no time.

    Only the offer/answer signalling to start the peer2peer connection is done through the server. I wrote a small websockets server in progress for the push/pull signalling channel.

    I've also been playing with speech recognition for siri like commands.

    I'll publish the source examples soon in case someone wants to have a look at it.

  • Looking good Alon, WebRTC is indeed 'sexy' but why writing a signalling server in Progress when there are so many alternatives available already... works pretty well but guess you had more fun writing some good old 4gl ;)

  • You're right but I kind of like the idea of having progress, javascript and nothing else, if I can.

  • Can you use this in

    Can you please ping me at skype: anuragk29

    Lets get connected, I am also working on to integrate WebRTC in rollbase.

  • I have not worked with Rollbase, yet.

    However, other than a simple signalling server everything else is HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

    The project was written on Sencha at the time but can easily be ported to Kendo UI... given a little time.

    If I were to write the project today I would definitely write it in Kendo. Web apps should look like web pages not desktop GUI apps, suitable for desktops, tablets, smartphones etc.

    Contact me directly at

  • Why pay for progress on the backend. I'm using elixir (a language based on erlang, using the erlang VM) / phoenix, soft realtime communication is peanuts. I think it beats costly progress in many many respects.