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ABL Unit testing framework for OE11.6 ?


ABL Unit testing framework for OE11.6 ?

  • Hi All,

    Help me to get the white papers for  OE11.6 ABL Unit testing framework.

    ABL Unit testing frameworks
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    Phani S.

  • I am looking documentation for 11.6 ABLUnit wizard

  • Please find link for ABLUnit documentation:


  • How do I run ABLUnit test using Ant task as part of automated builds ?

    I really don't have any idea on Ant task. I am using OE11.6. Do I need to install Ant task separately ?

    I have created some sample ABLUnit tests programs and are running fine in Developer Studio. Now I want to test those with Ant task.  Please guide me on this stuff.

  • 3288.ABLUnit whitepaper - End to end flow.pdf

  • You can use ABLUnit Ant task to automate your builds.

    Basic concepts of Ant are required to understand how Ant works and how to configure and use ABLUnit as an Ant task.

    The below page can be referred how to setup Ant to work with.

    Below is the sample file of build.xml which is configured with the ABLUnit tests.


    Developer includes the Ant tooling support. You can run the build.xml file as an Ant task (See Run As -> on build.xml file)



    Phani S.

  • Hi Thanks

    Basically I am looking for  ABLUnit testing from automate builds. We have Jenkins for that.

    Can you guide me on how to make ABLUnit testing automated builds.

  • Hello Atul,

    Here is the whitepaper on continuous integration for OE Apps which include ABLUnit too. Build xml file structure might be different from the one in this document. However, this document provides steps to integrate ABLUnit tests with Jenkins.

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  • Here is the link for documentation: community.progress.com/.../1066

  • Thanks Divya. will check on this.

  • Hi,

    For ANT configuration, we need apache to be installed on our server and then we can set env variables ANT_HOME and add ANT_HOME\bin to PATH parameter ?


    we have to create ANT folder manually and create sub folder bin, lib inside it and then set env variables ?

  • Hello Atul,

    For that, ANT needs to be installed on your server. In case, If you have PDSOE installed on your server, PDSOE ships ANT too. All you need to do is set ANT dir in DLC\oeide\plugins\C:\Progress\OpenEdge\oeide\eclipse\plugins\org.apache.ant_<ver> to ANT_HOME variable.

  • Ya got it. PDSOE installed on my server and found the directory in the path as suggested. I added this path in ANT_HOME and ANT_HOME\bin to PATH.


    Now, I copied ant-ablunit.jar from <OpenEdge Installation>\java and placed the jar in ANT_HOME\lib folder. In the document they have mentioned "Add ablunit.pl and OpenEdge.Core.pl (available under <Installation>\<gui or <Installation>\tty>) are added to PROPATH."

    Where to add these 2 pl files ?

  • These libraries needs to added to PROPATH in build.xml file.

    Here is the example:


           <pathelement path="src" />  

           <pathelement path="tests" />

           <pathelement location="${DLC}\gui\ablunit.pl" />

           <pathelement location="${DLC}\gui\OpenEdge.Core.pl" />