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What's going on?

The  Ontario Progress User's Group is back  with it's Winter 2011 meeting,  casting a spotlight on user interface  development. On tap for this  meeting is Progress's  Shelly Chase who will present on the ABL  Silverlight adapter  scheduled for a Summer 2011 release of OpenEdge  version 11, and the  first-ever appearance in Ontario by  Consultingwerk's Mike Fechner and IAP Gmbh's   Klaus de Vries. The Ontario PUG is bringing both of these gentlemen   over from Germany to talk to you in person on issues pertaining to the   challenges and opportunities that go with developing modern-day user   interfaces and their related technologies.

This meeting will be taking place on February 15, 2010 at the The Old Mill Inn and Spa as well as being available across the globe via WebEx.

For those who have a product of interest to the Ontario PUG Community, we have space for vendors as well!

And that's not all - the Ontario PUG Executive has made a special arrangement for meeting attendees to purchase tickets to the PUG Challenge Americas conference -   this summer's premier techie conference - at a special rate, and in   Canadian currency! With one purchase, and one approval - we make it  easy  for you to attend two great conferences.

Who should attend?

Anyone who

  • is currently working with modern-day user interfaces
  • wants to learn about Progress's upcoming ABL Silverlight adapter
  • has an interest in deploying across multiple UI platforms, SaaS, or working in a cloud environment,
  • wants to spend a great day with fellow Ontario Progress users
  • wants to meet Mike Fechner or Klaus de Vries in person

needs to be at this meeting on February 15, 2011!

The Winter 2011 Meeting Topic Lineup:

After   scouring the four corners of the globe for speakers with the depth of   knowledge and experience that Ontario PUG members demand, the Executive   is pleased to announce the following topics and speakers for the  Winter  2011 meeting:

"ABL Adapter for Microsoft Silverlight"
Shelly Chase - Progress Software

Silverlight   is Micrsoft's powerful development platform for creating engaging,   interactive user experiences for Web, desktop, and mobile applications,   and many OpenEdge partners and customers are using Silverlight as one  of  the UI choices for their OpenEdge application.  Given the high-level  of  interest in Silverlight, as part of OpenEdge 11, Progress will be   providing a Silverlight adapter based on Microsoft RIA Services which   will provide a high-performance, easy to use solution for connection   Silverlight to your OpenEdge AppServer.

"Extreme Windows Desktop Integration "
Mike Fechner - Consultingwerk

This  session provides practical introduction and downloadable examples for  using  the .NET technology to access the Windows API, including  starting,  querying and stopping external processes, file system  operations, Drag  and Drop to and from the Windows Explorer, Drag and  Drop to Microsoft  Office applications like Outlook or Word, using  Windows 7 advanced  taskbar features (jumplists and overlay icons),  notify icons and desktop  alerts.

"OF-1 Object Framework 1"
Klaus de Vries - IAP GmbH

During   this session Klaus will discuss the various challenges one encounters   when deploying to a multi-platform, multi-UI environment, and how the   OF1 integrated development tool can address those issues. OF-1 is a   reliable, high-performance and UI-independent "Full Lifecycle   Development Environment" for OpenEdge  that's Multi-UI, Multi-Platform,   Cloud and SaaS ready.

"Panel Discussion"

The   Executive will line all the meeting presenters up and then invite the   audience to toss their user-interface related questions at the   presenters.

Speaker Bios:

Mike Fechner - Mike   Fechner started using Progress and OpenEdge in Version 5 almost 20   years ago and ever since has supported Progress Application Partners  and  end customers in adopting the features of the latest OpenEdge and   Progress releases to enhance the capabilities of existing applications.   With his framework design skills he has set the groundwork for   development of many successful OpenEdge applications.

Recently   he has specialized on the OpenEdge GUI for .NET, working closely with   Progress Software during the development of this great feature.  Together  with his team at Consultingwerk (,   he supports OpenEdge developers during the adoption of the .NET UI in   new and existing applications and has developed tools used by Progress   Application Partners to ensure productive, successful adoption of the   .NET UI.

Mike   has over 15 year of international IT, business and consulting   experience and is equally effective in management and technical roles.   Mike works as a self-employed IT consultant and as director of his   company, Consultingwerk Ltd. He is a well-known and active member of  the  international OpenEdge community and is board member of the German  PUG  and the committee of the EMEA PUG Challenge 2010 (

Shelley Chase is   a development architect in Progress Software’s OpenEdge engineering   group. She joined Progress in 1995 with experience in enterprise   application development and object-oriented programming. Working with   OpenEdge products, Shelley has focused on creating an open, extensible   environment for development in OpenEdge as well as enhancing the   Advanced Business Language (ABL).

Shelley   has been part of the development, design, and architecture of many   features within OpenEdge including ActiveX, Web Services, Open Clients   (COM, Java and .NET), Object-oriented extensions to the ABL, OpenEdge   GUI for .NET, and is currently working on OEBPM – a powerful and   easy-to-use business process application platform for OpenEdge   developers.

Klaus de Vries -   After Klaus finished his education in 1991 he joined Klaus Erichsen in   founding IAP. With a strong focus in providing OpenEdge related   development and 25 employees, IAP is now one of the biggest consulting   companies specializing in OpenEdge in Germany. Klaus's experience   developing several frameworks in dozens of OpenEdge projects has given   him an in-depth understanding of developer requirements. Klaus now has   primary responsibility for developing the "OF-1" object-oriented Multi   UI and commercial framework.

He is a well known active member and  speaker in the OpenEdge community. You can contact him via:

Meeting Schedule:
08:00 - 09:00: Doors Open, Continental Breakfast, Networking
09:00 - 10:30: "Attendees Choice" - Mike Fechner
10:30 - 12:00: "OF-1 Object Framework 1" - Klaus de Vries
12:00 - 13:30: Lunch, Networking
13:30 - 15:00:
"ABL Adapter for Microsoft Silverlight" - Shelley Chase
15:00 - 16:30: User Interface Panel Discussion

All times are Eastern Standard Time.

Vendors   added so much value to the Spring 2010 meeting that the Executive has   decided to do it again. Vendors will get a table to setup a banner and   laptop, and the first four (4) vendors to sign up will get to make a "5   min pitch" at the end of a session's Q&A segment. You'll also have   the opportunity to support the meeting and the PUG community in other   ways with prizes and giveaways. Email the Executive at for more details.


A great meeting needs a great location, and to that end the Executive has secured theBalmoral Room of The Old Mill Inn and Spa. This   classic facility is a two-minute walk from the Old Mill subway  station,  a fifteen minute drive from downtown, and has 400  complimentary parking  spaces.
Old Mill Inn and Spa
21 Old Mill Road
Toronto, Ontario M8X 1G5
The cost for regular attendees to attend this event -

Before Feb 8, 2011 9 PM EDT:
  On-site: $130.00 CDN / person.

  Via WebEx: $100 CDN / person, or $400 CDN / site.

After Feb 8, 2011 9 PM EDT:
  On-site: $175.00 CDN / person.
  Via WebEx: $125 CDN / person, or $500 CDN / site.

The on-site meeting price includes the meeting, continental breakfast, break snacks, and a scrumptious sit-down dinner.
For vendors and those looking to attend the PUG Challenge Americas conference:
  • On-site vendor table: $150 CDN
  • Vendor Package - admission for one (1) person and a vendor table: $250 CDN
  • "Ontario PUG Special" advance registration to PUG Challenge Americas conference: $399 CDN / person.
All prices are in Canadian funds.

You can register at

Payment by check or invoice is available, but you still must register at to reserve your spots.

Invoicing is available on NET 14 terms. Please have all members of your company sign under a common company sheet.

Regular   registration for on-site and remote meeting closes at 9:00 PM EST on   Feb 8, 2011. All registrations after this date will incur a 25% "late   fee" charge.

Cancellations and Refunds:
Refunds for on-site meeting registrations are   available if the Ontario PUG Executive is notified before 3:00 PM Fri,   Feb 11, 2011. After this time payment in full is required due to   contractual obligations with the venue based on the registration count.

Refunds for off-site meeting registrations are available if the Ontario PUG Executive is notified before the start of the meeting on Tue, Feb 15, 2011.

Please send all correspondence to