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OpenEdge 11.7.5 - PAS server connected user / session details


OpenEdge 11.7.5 - PAS server connected user / session details

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Hello All,

I would like to see details of users using or associated with PAS server agent like classic app server. Sometimes the PAS server works very slow so we need a details of which user or ABL session is busy so that we can check the abl session and kill that user or ask to logout the session.

Thanks in advance. 

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  • You mentioned that you were using 32 bit install. Are you still running OEM on that version?

    If that is the case, 64 bit version of OEM wont connect as 9090 port might be busy

    Regarding the exception, can you check your license combination for the 64bit install? Let us know, which components you have installed?

  • Yes, I have changed the port for the 64 bit service and the OEM is now working where I see the default PAS instance oepas1.
    For this example are the oemanager.war or tcmanager.war files already deployed or do I have to deploy it separately?
  • oemanager.war/tcmanager.war  file(s) need to deployed separately.

  • Hi Atul,
    For default PASOE server, oemanager.war and manager.war will get deployed automatically. You can check them under <instance-directory>/webapps/ folder.
  • I think oemanager is already deployed there for default instance.

    What is the meaning of the sessions column in the screenshot and where do i monitor connected users, active session and requests etc.

    Just now I tried normal connection from editor to this PAS instance but there is nothing in the client session and requests tabs, all blank and only agent session have some info.

    Can someone explain about these statistics ?

  • Instead of an windows OE management tool, if I want to read this details / description from Linux how can I get it?

  • How do we kill the specific session and not the entire agent of PAS ? Is this possible ?

  • You can do that from the OEM sessions page. Under ABL app, client sessions page will list all the sessions. You can select any session and stop.

  • We have no OEM in production, we are planning to use OEJMX command-line utility or APIs. Is that possible with these solutions ?

  • Here is your query




  • What is <terminateOption> ?  What value actually it is ?

  • Its 0 or 1.  0 - trappable stop 1 - untrappable stop



  • I don't see any information on google on the terminateABLSession query.

    Can i get any references ?

  • For API's, we provide the documentation in Swagger. So if you can access Swagger using http://host:port/oemanager/, you can see the "terminateABLSession" API and the description on input for it.



  • There's doc at , whichlinks to the JMX queries and the REST API.